Sikh Brothers rock Brunel University

Britain’s foremost experts in UX - Amardeep Singh Shakhon and Gurmit Singh Shahkhon - made honorary fellows at Brunel Un...

By Asia Samachar Team | BRITAIN |

Watch these two young Sikh brothers.

The enterprising and talented Amardeep Singh Shakhon and Gurmit Singh Shakhon have been made honorary fellows at Brunel University London in recognition of their contribution to the university as well as their exploits in the area of User Experience (UX).

Amardeep, 36, and Gurmit, 34, were beaming with joy as they stood before the university’s new graduates as they received the honorary fellowship awards last week (8 July 2019).

The Brothers, as they are literally known in the university as well as in the industry, pack an interesting story, including how they started their first company even before they had stepped out of the university.

“We have been given an opportunity to grow personally and professionally into the people we are and the positions we are in because of the students, faculty and University,” they wrote in a social media entry when sharing the story of the award...

...“Almost from the day they arrived here, their legendary passion and motivation – which is still remembered by the staff – helped them stand out from the crowd. In their first year they founded their own company and by the time their final year came around they were already working with a roster of international clients,” reads their citation.

Although their stars quickly rose once they had gone out into industry, the citation noted that they have remained loyal supporters of Brunel ever since they graduated, acting as mentors to its digital media students, giving talks, reviewing work, providing live briefs (that is, real, current challenges faced by their clients) and giving sought-after career advice.

They are also the founding members of the Brunel Digital Media Industrial Advisory Panel, which has helped the university to shape and promote its digital design programmes to a wider audience.

“Today, they are considered two of the country’s foremost experts in UX – that’s  User Experience for the non-designers amongst us,” it added.

Their mother was born in Singapore where she lived with her parents in the naval base. Their father worked on a farm in Amritsar. Both had moved to UK when they were 18. They also have a daughter, Amritpal Kaur, who now resides in Melbourne.

“Our parents are retired from work and we all live together in the UK,” Gurmit tells Asia Samachar.

To the new graduate, the brothers shared this message: “All the life lessons you gained along the way will benefit others, so share what you have learnt and aim to help others at every opportunity you find. You don’t know what opportunities you will discover if you do.”

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