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Organizations, individuals provide for homeless through pandemic

The Duwara Consciousness Foundation, a nonprofit based in Oceanside, is another organization that has ramped up its serv...

OCEANSIDE — Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home order in March, a handful of people have taken on the task of making sure the region’s homeless residents are staying fed, clean and warm.

Several organizations in the region that serve the homeless recognize the population needs help now more than ever. With certain public utilities and resources closed, the homeless have nowhere to go for day shelter like the library, and nowhere to use the bathroom. Increased food insecurity also became a concern as well...

Editors note: this article from The Coast News names 4 organizations. Among them is Duwara Consciousness Foundation which was founded by Davinder Singh and Harisimran Kaur Khalsa (read below). The other organizations mentioned are: Oceanside Kitchen Collaborative (OKC), Graziano runs the Oceanside Homeless Resource Fair and Brother Benno’s. Click on the link at the end to read more about all these charitable orgs. 

...The Duwara Consciousness Foundation, a nonprofit based in Oceanside, is another organization that has ramped up its services during the pandemic.

The nonprofit has a goal of serving others in three steps: first, by providing access to nutritious vegetarian food to those in need; second, by providing access to hygiene services like showers and laundry to those in need; and third, by creating a sanctuary community in San Diego County that offers transitional housing, food, showers, friendly atmosphere and job training.

The Duwara Consciousness Foundation is currently executing its first step through a mobile food trailer that founding couple Davinder Singh and Harisimran Kaur take to San Diego and its second step through a mobile shower trailer program that the couple is about to begin.

Before the pandemic, the food trailer went to the East Village in San Diego twice a week. Once the pandemic struck and other services began to close, the organization ramped up its food truck services to six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

The food truck makes completely plant-based burritos, Singh said. Some have the option of adding sour cream to their burrito.

Other groups even drive to pick up burritos to distribute in other cities in the county.

The third step is a land project that would serve as a conduit to permanent housing for homeless residents. The more than 20 acres of land purchased in the county would be equipped with transitional micro-housing and offer job training throughout the property.

“The land project has always been since day one our No. 1 priority,” Singh said. “I know it’s going to happen.”...

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