Northeast Sikh temple builds vegetable garden to bring community together

It’s hoped the garden will attract different generations and cultures

A new vegetable garden being built at the Dashmesh Culture Centre in Martindale is designed to bring the local community together in a safe COVID-friendly outdoor space this summer.

The garden at the back of the Sikh temple is for people of all backgrounds and cultures, say the centre's leadership, who have worked with the Martindale Community Association on the project.

"We thought it's a good platform for our elders and new generation to get together and learn about the plants," said Amanpreet Singh, president of the Dashmesh Culture Centre...

...The food the garden produces can be used by the local community and in the centre's kitchens, which provides free hot vegetarian meals to anyone in need seven days per week.

"Everyone can take it, can use it and also we'll use it in the kitchen, too, but it's for the whole community," said Singh.

"It was a great opportunity," said Harpal Singh. "It gives us a lot of joy. With COVID there's a lot of people sitting at home, and we saw it as an opportunity to teach the community about agriculture and involve people from the local area.

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