New Hampshire's Snatam Kaur Takes The Stage At The Grammys

Kaur believes each of the eight songs on the album has a unique healing power....

Musician Snatam Kaur is preparing for the most high-profile performance of her career. This Sunday, the Wilton-based recording artist will take the stage at the 61st Grammy Awards ceremony.  Kaurwill perform “Darashan Maago,” a song on her latest album Beloved, which is nominated for best album in the new age category.

On Beloved, sacred Sikh mantras are set to devotional music. Kaur’s parents embraced Sikhism when she was young, and she says that greatly influenced her career as a musician.

“A lot of music [is] in the house, especially in the Sikh tradition. Music is a part of life,” Kaur told NHPR’s Peter Biello...

...Kaur believes each of the eight songs on the album has a unique healing power. “If I have any issue, it’s like a little medicine toolbox,” she says. “I just take out a chant and start chanting it.”

For example, “Darashan Maago” is for “reestablishing self-esteem and honor.” Kaur says the song is about striving to be more present with God and with family.

But, you don’t need to understand the meaning of the words in the chants, Kaur says, because just singing them can put your body at ease. When the tip of your tongue touches the roof of your mouth, it “sends the positive message of the chant throughout your whole body system,” says Kaur.

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