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NDP’s Jagmeet Singh says Canada needs a national cycling strategy

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh participates in a group bike ride with Ottawa Centre residents, after announcing his party'...

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is a well-known cycling enthusiast whose folding bike seems to travel almost everywhere he does.

Singh now wants to bring his love for two-wheeled-transportation to Canadians everywhere with a national strategy to make cycling safer for everyone.

On Thursday, Singh led a bike tour of downtown Ottawa with several of his party’s local candidates to highlight the need for better cycling infrastructure....

...“We’re determined to make it easier and safer to ride,” Singh tweeted before embarking on the four-kilometre bike from an Ottawa bike store to the Parliamentary district.

According to the Inrix global traffic scorecard, Toronto residents spent the equivalent of nearly seven days stuck in traffic in 2018, Montreal residents nearly six days, and Vancouverites more than four days.

Statistics Canada data says about 7,500 cyclists are injured in Canada every year.

Building dedicated bike lanes that are separated from traffic has been found to reduce accidents and deaths but doesn’t eliminate them.

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