Meet Harpreet Singh: 1st turbaned Waterloo Regional Police Constable

I'm glad I got to say this today because it's the birth anniversary of our Guru Gobind Singh.

Alexandra Pinto: Policing has been a lifelong goal for Waterlook Regional police constible Harpreet Singh who recently recieved a Missasagua Brampton Caledon volunteer award. He joins me now to chat a little bit more about his role and journey to become a police officer. Constable Singh thank you so much for joining us today! 
Harpreet Singh:

Thank you for having me Alex. 

So you were born and raised in India where you also completed a bachelor of technology degree in computer science and engineering, and after moving to Canada (in 2015) you also received a post grad in product quality engineering AND a certificate as a welding technicion! In addition to all of that you're also a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I've gotta say: That's quite impressive. Why did you also want to become a police officer? 

Well policing was a lifelong goal for me and I had a passion for uniform and helping others. Policing was the best opportunity for me to fulfill both of my passions. It's also a great opportunity to make a positive impact on community. Hopefully being a police officer I will become a role model for the youth, young people who are looking to start a career in policing, probably I'll become a role model for them...

So what does it mean to you to also be the very first member to wear a Waterloo regional police turban during your duties? 

Well turban is my identity and I feel very proud wearing it. It's a gift given by our Guru. I'm glad I got to say this today because it's the birth anniversary of our Guru Gobind Singh. I feel proud when I wear the turban, for me it represent courage and equality...

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