Meet 103-YO Biji Maan Kaur: World’s Fastest Centenarian Who Can Still Set The Race Track Ablaze

Her story has inspired thousands of people across the world and has prompted just as many questions about her ‘secret’ t...

"I run because it makes me happy,” says 103-year-old Biji Maan Kaur Ji as she tucks her legs deeper into her blanket. Then looks up at me and smiles, her misty yet bright eyes magnified by the glasses perched on her nose.

She sits in her bed without any back support, active and alert, looking every bit the athlete she is. While I had struggled to drag myself out of bed at 8:00 am, she had stood on the race track at 6:00 am the same morning, all set for Born2Run half marathon in JLN Stadium.

Biji, as she is lovingly called, beams at me as she tells me that she had started running at the age of 83. Her 80-year-old son Gurdev Singh, who runs alongside her, was the one who urged his mother to start running and became her coach. Since then, Biji has never looked back...

...There is something very inspiring about seeing them lean on each other so both of them can stand up straight. But, not everyone looks at it like that. “People my age ask me ‘Why are you doing this? Is this your age to run? You’ll get hurt.’ They don't like it that I run, but I do it because it makes me happy,” she tells me. What the world thinks of you is not for you to think – Biji lives by this every day of her life.

As I get up to bid goodbye to her, she smiles at me yet again and says “I loved talking to you. Had you come home, I would have offered you some tea.” A little bit starstruck, I asked Biji if I could take a picture with her. She nodded, straightened her shawl as I settled down beside her.

While most of us are busy chasing our finish lines, she’s out there starting a new race every day. Perhaps that’s what Walt Disney meant when he said, ‘It’s kind of fun to do the impossible’.

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