Man Kaur (Age 103) Wins 4 Gold Medals from Poland

Old is gold. 

CHANDIGARH: At 103 Man Kaur has become the oldest athlete in the annual calendar of World Masters Athletics. The 'Miracle from Chandigarh', who took to running at 9, is the second Indian to reach this milestone after Delhi's Hardev Singh. Old is gold. 

The sprightly great-grand mother won four gold medals in the track and field events (60m dash, 200m spring, shot put, and javelin throw) of World Masters Athletics Championship in Torun, Poland - a giant step for Man. Her reaction: "I want to win more. No one has helped me but I still want to run, because running gives me happiness. Chasing time, I want to set new world records in all the events in which I participate." She has three children, 10 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren...
...Queen of the Moment
Invited to Patiala for a 5-kilometer run (of which she ran the first few hundred metres) after winning the Canadian competition in 2016, Man Kaur was offered a night's stay at the city's royal palace where she used to work as a maid once for monthly pay of Rs 10. Now she was put in the bedroom of the queen she used to serve. 


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