Yesterday, I asked a lady, “What is love? What is the definition of love?”

There’s an old saying, “Love is Blind,” and we all pretty much reckon that it’s true.

Classic love stories such as Antony & Cleopatra, Bonnie & Clyde, Momal & Rano, Romeo &Juliet, Shah Jahan & Mumtaz, Mahal Salim & Anarkali, and lot more are known as classic romances. But times are changing. Today, relationship goals are quite different.  The rising generation is in a new fantasy called “lovefusion.”

There is a colossal difference between attraction and love, and liking somebody doesn’t mean that you are in a love with them. Every offbeat vibe has an offbeat style. Today everyone is properly conscious about the entire Valentines Day week, but they don’t know the birthday of Sardar Bhagat Singh.

Our brain and heart have a special radiance where we pitch them they are pitched there. Yesterday, I asked a lady, “What is love? What is the definition of love?”  She said, “Awww, love is a condition in which someone stole your night sleep’s and you don’t feel hungry and your heart and mind don’t listen to you.” Then, I guffawed and said, “That’s not love. That’s a disease called chronic insomnia. So please consult a good doctor immediately.” Then she thumped me.

So, these types of vibes are not relationship goals, these are only relationship stunts. From watching classic romantic movie stories, I guess that there is no advantage in real love. Some of the researchers also said that 50% of love relationships don’t get started due to coyness and timidity. Many don’t dare talk to their beloved because they afraid of them.

So, when you see someone, and your heart says “kuch kuch hota hai,” and suddenly your hair flies in the air with some stirring background music then that’s just your fantasy. These things only happen in movies, not in real-life. When we fill our mind with love games and fantasies then sometimes we get out of the real game… the game of life.

Everyone talks about it, but tell me anyone you know who had love shatter the stars and moon from the sky till date. These are just only feelings, nothing else. There’s no such thing as “unconditional love.” All love must be unconditional. If it’s conditional, then it’s not love. Real love wants empathy and honoring, and baby these two things are very far from libido. Doubt and uncertainty can ruin any relationship, so please avoid them.

Anyone can love completely because love has no limit and it cannot be confined. There are no terms and conditions in love. Love is a state of being. When you fall in love, you just keep falling forever because that love is what you become: A living vessel of love.

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