Kaur: Choices promote memory retention

Kaur also urged her audience to stay mentally active through activities like working, volunteering, being involved in so...

There is no way to totally prevent the onset of dementia and conditions like Alzheimer's disease, but neurologist Dr. Berneet Kaur says there are lifestyle choices which can promote good memory retention as one ages. 

Kaur, director of memory and aging Services at the Erlanger Clinic for Alzheimer's and Dementia in Chattanooga, recently shared some tips with the Bradley Sunrise Rotary Club. 

The neurologist first explained some of the differences between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. They are two different conditions, though Alzheimer’s can cause dementia. 

“There are many, many causes of dementia,” Kaur said. “Alzheimer’s is just one.” 

The National Institute on Aging describes dementia as “the loss of cognitive functioning — thinking, remembering and reasoning —and behavioral abilities to such an extent that it interferes with a person's daily life and activities.” ...

...“It interrupts the cycles of your sleep,” Kaur said. “If your brain is not getting the rest it needs, it will not work well.” 

Prior to Kaur’s presentation, the Bradley Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation presented a $1,000 grant to the Salvation Army of Cleveland. 

Ruthie Forgey, administrator for the Salvation Army of Cleveland, said the money will be used to purchase computers and set up a computer station in the office to be used by members of the local homeless community. 

“This will help them be able to apply for jobs when they visit us,” Forgey said. 

She noted many companies now require applicants to submit online applications. While places like the local public library do provide free computer access, this will allow Salvation Army staff to more easily help those needing help with their applications.

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