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An Indian Student Speaks His Mind

It is said that parents are the first teachers of children. Good, bad, rich or poor, parents are parents. Every parent wants their little one to flourish and be fortunate in life. Before the birth of baby every parent thinks about the child’s arrival. They think about a name and they think about the aim.

Then comes the first big step outside the home which is known as “EDUCATION.”

Education… It’s a big name, a big game, and a big fame. Everyone thinks that better education is a better mentation. Today’s education is like “A for apple and B for bad apple.” It is just rote. Occasionally, I wonder, “Is education a sort of business?  Developed countries are enduring many headaches and dilemmas and education is among them. You may have heard, ”beti bachao beti padhao sir deewaron pe hi likha reh gya hai.” Today’s education just focuses on marks, marks and marks… and sometimes that equals 0% knowledge.

Movies and other media share the message that marks aren’t what matters in life. These percentages don’t define knowledge. They only reflect the ability of the student to regurgitate material he or she has read. But, the reality is that grades do affect one’s pathway in life.

Let’s look at the other side of the coin. Many people think that private schools are better than government schools. Okay, but the school does not determine the end result.  Swami Vivekananda, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Abdul Kalam and lot more went to typical schools but their genius was there independent of schooling.

Schools ought to provide terrific education to every student without any sort of discrimination, but our education is in the hands of masterminds who don’t know how to spell or enunciate ”Education.”  They don’t know how many days are in a year, they don’t know when Teachers day or Children’s Day is celebrated, they don’t know India’s capital and they don’t know the shape of earth. “Bas sab kuch golmaal hai.”

Yesterday evening I asked a local teacher, “Who was the first president of India?” and her answer was ‘’Rahul Gandhi.”

A good teacher is one who makes a zero a hero. Now is the time to turn over a new leaf. We generally say this line in a pretentious manner: ‘We are Punjabis aan baan shaan Punjabi,’ but I think we are the kind of Punjabis who don’t know the basics of Punjabi that is ਓ ਅ “Oora, Aira,” we mostly choked on ‘nayiya, thaiya, bhaiya. We don’t know the meaning of Punjabi or how it is enunciated. The same problem is happening with क ख ग  “ka kha gha.” “Punjab” comes from “panj” which means five, and “ab” which means river, that is  “panj dariyawan di dharti Panjab.”

These are elementary things. My observation is that the education system is not providing a worthy education, but as a business, it’s going well and gaining well. “baaki bache zindagi mein kuch bane ya na bane lekin yeh institute wale zindagi mein kuch na kuch toh ban hi jaate hain,” just joking.

So dear students, “keep trying and keep vying.” Stay away from pessimistic opinion, avoid procrastination and don’t follow the crowd. Listen to each person but go with your brain and your heart, because you are the one who knows yourself best and how deep the water is that you’re in. Don’t leave every little thing up to God. God has given us two eyes; two ears and one tongue, so first see things clearly and listen deeply… only then speak surely and keep your nose clean. May you have lucky breaks in your future.”

Be kind, be aligned and be shined.”

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