Jagmeet Singh challenges man who urged him to 'cut off' his turban

NDP leader visited Montreal market ahead of tonight's crucial French-language debate

A campaigning Jagmeet Singh had a public encounter today with a man in Montreal who urged the NDP leader to "cut off" his turban to "look like a Canadian."

Singh was engaging prospective voters at Atwater Market this morning in front of media cameras and reporters when he was approached by the man.

After Singh shook his hand, the man leaned in and spoke to the NDP leader in English.

"You know what? You should cut your turban off," he said. "You'll look like a Canadian."

"Oh, I think Canadians look like all sorts of people," Singh replied. "That's the beauty of Canada."

"Yeah, but..." the man said — before Singh cut him off.

"That's okay, I don't agree, sir," he said.

"In Rome, you do as the Romans do," the man said.

"Hey, but this is Canada, you can do whatever you like," Singh said, then walked away.

"All right, take care, eh?" the man called after him. "I hope you win."

Speaking to reporters earlier in the day, Singh once again addressed the issue of Quebec's controversial secularism bill ahead of tonight's TVA  leaders' debate.


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