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India: Muslims arrange langar for Sikh farmers protesting in Punjab’s Malerkotla, pictures go viral

Social media users compared the gesture to when Sikhs set up food camps for CAA protestors

As Sikh farmers took to the streets in the Indian state of Punjab to protest against farm laws, a group of Muslims organised a langar meal for them on September 26. The pictures of the gesture have gone viral on social media and it is setting an example for communal harmony in the country.

The protests took place in the state’s Malerkotla town, where Muslims set up food camps near the locations where the demonstrations were carried out against farm bills passed by the Indian parliament earlier this week...

...Referring to the help extended by the Sikhs, user @harsh_mander tweeted: “Farmers from Punjab came to Shaheen Bagh to establish a langar in solidarity with their sisters protesting CAA/NRC (National Register of Citizens). Now Muslim youth from Malerkotla serve food in solidarity with protesting farmers of Punjab. With these bonds of love that bind us, India is safe...”

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