I was shunned for getting divorced, and now I’m fighting back to end the stigma

A woman who felt cast aside by members of her community after getting divorced is calling on other women to share their ...


Minreet Kaur is asking other women to open up about the stigma of divorce (Picture: David Sandison for Metro.co.uk)

Minreet Kaur, 38, is on a mission to tackle the stigma of divorce, which she says women in Britain’s South Asian community unfairly bear the brunt of. She fell into a deep pit of depression and barely left the house after ending her semi-arranged marriage after less than a year. Minreet says she would be in a ‘mental health institution’ if it wasn’t for meditation, which helped her let go of her sense of shame. Now she has vowed to help as many other women as possible and is putting together a website called ‘Desi Divorces’ where people can share their stories anonymously.

Since opening up about the fallout of her divorce, she’s been inundated with messages from other women who have gone through exactly the same thing. At 27 years old, Minreet moved back in with her family after her failed marriage in Hayes, West London. She says she felt ‘ashamed of herself’ and couldn’t shake the sense that she had let down and embarrassed the family after moving back in. Minreet told Metro.co.uk: ‘People who knew that I was married, the first question they would ask is how is your husband. ‘I literally didn’t go out anywhere. It was so embarrassing to tell people about the divorce. ‘You haven’t got anybody to go to, you can’t go to anyone in the community. They say you’ve got to try and make it work.’


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