Heedless Vibes

Profit and loss are a part of life, but we all need to be more heedful of our surroundings

Today is the ‘hectic age.’ Everybody is engrossed in their own psychology. Never mind that it’s their actuality. Everyone has their own mindset and intentions. In this entire cosmos every face is an open book and all we need to do is pay close attention and read it the light of wisdom, because sometimes the face speaks more than the tongue.

But folks are changing their colour so swiftly and the chameleon must be envious. I know this is droll analogy, but the upshot is that a thing’s worth is only known when we no longer have it. It’s just a yesterday shebang.



I was in my local park and I noticed that all generations of folk were deeply absorbed in their own thoughts and calculations. Golden Ager’s were doing cardio exercise and saying “ab toh umar ho gayi hai bai ji.” On the other side of the park, kids were taking selfies and some gentlewomen were doing a bit of tittle tattle — some “idhar udhar ki baatein.”

Instantly, all of us heard a voice: “Hey where is my baby? My kid? My everything? He is wearing orange tee and he was playing there! Where is he?

When we all approached the scene, a lady was sobbing and instantly some folks gathered and comforted the lady. Afterwards, everyone endeavoured to find the tot. We looked everywhere in the park. After about half an hour a babysitter saw something odd. She saw a baby hiding behind an ice cream booth sitting on the ground eating ice cream. After a few minutes the mommy of the missing baby came to the babysitter and thanked her, then the mom clasped her baby to her breast. This moment was an “aww” feeling for me.

But this is not only a scene I witnessed. This event began big interrogation in my own psyche, wondering, why we are so heedless in these hypersensitive times?

This is the first article I’ve ever written in my life. I wanted to call it “Heedless Parents” but I changed my mind because this piece is not just about this one event.  This theme concerns the entire world.

Not only are we reckless in some ways, but some people do these types of blunders in a deliberate manner.

Profit and loss are a part of life, but we all need to be more heedful of our surroundings and safety instead of being oblivious and leaving everything up to God. I’m sure you’ve heard the old Arab saying: “Trust in God but tie up your camel.” So please, get down on the floor and be a kid with your kids. Enter their world and their imagination, and keep in mind that the parents are the first teachers of their children and children learn through play.

A parent’s way with children is, Feel them — Know them — then Grow them.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh Fateh
~Amrinder Maan [email protected]

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