Guru Granth Sahib's 'parkash' inside Australian federal parliament for historic 550th celebrations

'As far as we know, this will be the first time in Australian history, that Sri Guru Granth Sahib's 'park...

As many organisations around the world get ready to celebrate the landmark birthday of the founder of Sikh religion Guru Nanak, 'a historic event' is planned at Australia's federal parliament next week in Canberra.

"This will be the first ever parkash (ceremonial opening) of Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh scriptures), and there will be Kirtan with tanti saaz (traditional musical instruments)", Harkirat Singh Ajnoha from Australian Sikh Council told SBS Punjabi. 

"The Panj Piaras (five beloved ones) will escort Sri Guru Granth Sahib ceremoniously from the security checkpoint outside the Parliament House, and the parkash will take place at a designated room inside."...

...."The Immigration Minister David Coleman, Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese, leader of the Greens Party Richard di Natale, Shadow Multicultural Minister Andrew Giles and Assistant Multicultural Minister Jason Wood will join at the dinner thereafter, where Harinder Singh from SikhRI will present a keynote address."

"There will also be a representation of Gurdwaras and organisations from Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Riverland, Cairns, Woolgoolga, Alice Springs, Darwin, Gold Coast and other regional cities and towns," he added.

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