Glasgow Sikh Foodbank boss wins Pride of Scotland award after distributing 100,000 meals

"It’s so overwhelming to have won this" Charandeep told Glasgow Live

He's the man who organised a mass foodbank and throughout lockdown has helped many a man, woman, and child.

Charandeep Singh, the man behind the Sikh Foodbank, utilised the facilities at the Gurdwara to help thousands of people across the country. As well as instilling this, he ensured that the pillars of the Sikh faith through Guru Nanak's message (pray, work, and share one's wealth) was in everything that they did. And now - he's won a Pride of Scotland award, presented to him by Elaine C. Smith.

"It’s so overwhelming to have won this" Charandeep told Glasgow Live.

Charandeep-Singh-Glasgow Pride.jpg

"I've dedicated the prize to the other volunteers who helped us. To be recognised by others throughout the UK is so special, and for others who have done great work to know the work we’re dong and commend us has been a huge boost.

"It's for the people we support as well. I think it shows that we’re in this together and we’re going to get through it together."

Since March the Sikh Foodbank has organised the delivery of groceries and cooked meals, as well as providing a volunteer shopping service for those who are self-isolating and a check-in phone service, available in English, Panjabi, Hindi and Urdu, to help combat loneliness and isolation.

Supported by a 50-strong team of Sikh volunteers, Charandeep led the delivery of meals and food parcels to families across Glasgow as well as in Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen. Today it's estimated they've delivered around 100,000 meals.

"We started the foodbank in March because there was the need and the scale has been astronomical" said Charandeep...

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