Exclusive Interview: ‘Baptized’ Sikh Football Player

As far as I know, I am the only Amritdhari (baptized) playing football at university level and it makes me feel extremel...

WATERLOO, Canada—Meet Sukhneet Singh, who plays for the Laurier Golden Hawks football team, a Wilfrid Laurier University team, and is a rising star among the ranks.

Being a turbaned and bearded Sikh, he shared that the confidence gained via his lifestyle in Sikhi has aided him immensely.

Sukhneet Singh (fondly called Sookh, by his team mates), comes across like a mean fighting machine, but is decribed as a geat and kind guy by his colleagues and team mates, a valued addition to the tough, direct contact game of American football.

He was recently written about by Dan Polischuk of the Waterloo Chronicle, describing how his faith didn’t hinder him in his game, helped raise awareness of this Sikh sportsman. 

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