Euro 2020: Sikh civil servant 'treated like a criminal' after he was denied entry into Wembley for size of article of faith

Arjan Singh was told he could not enter Wembley stadium for the Italy v Spain semi-final due to the size of his article ...

A Sikh man was refused entry into Wembley stadium to watch the Italy v Spain match yesterday due to the size of his article of faith.

Arjan Singh, 28, travelled to Wembley from Rugby with his friend to watch the semi-final yesterday (June 6) after paying £300 each for the tickets...

...A spokesperson from FA told us Arjan was disallowed entry into Wembley stadium as his Kirpan exceeded the size limit, as set out by guidance online...


...Arjan and his friend, Martin, 27, waited over two hours speaking with security guards before leaving Wembley Stadium.

He said: “When I got to Wembley, on the website its Kirpan policy [says to] let the security guards know prior. Before we got checked I said to [the security guard] ‘I’m carrying this ceremonial dagger which I’m allowed to by the law of the land...'

“They put me to the side and said they need to speak to someone higher up."

The 28-year-old civil servant then describes how security guards asked him to “look up to the security camera” and took photos of his Kirpan before being told he is not allowed to wear it...

wembley rules.jpg

...According to the two friends, the security guards were not allowing them entry into the stadium even when the Kirpan was initially measured at six inches.

Martin said: “[The Kirpan] was measured twice. First it was measured and it was six inches, according to their measurements, and that complied with their policy and they still said no. Customer Services then came down and measured it with tape measure [which] came to 6.5 inches [above Wembley's permitted size].”

According to Wembley Stadium’s policy on Kirpans: “Kirpans are allowed to be worn inside Wembley Stadium – however it must not be visible to the public and should be worn underneath clothes in order to ensure the highest possible safety at all times...

...After the incident, a member of FA offered Arjan and Martin tickets for today’s match at Wembley - England v Denmark.

Arjan has brought a smaller Kirpan with him to the England match today (July 7) and has described the treatment by FA staff today as "amazing."

He added: "The FA guys treated us super, they met us right before we got to the stadium [and] escorted us all the way up."

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