East Brunswick declares Sikh Awareness Month

“Tonight was a great moment for the Sikh community....

EAST BRUNSWICK–Recognizing Sikhism and honoring residents who practice the religion, the East Brunswick Township Council read a proclamation declaring Sikh Awareness Month for April 2019.

“Tonight was a great moment for the Sikh community. A proclamation was made for the very first time for Sikh awareness and recognition in the Township of East Brunswick, New Jersey. I had the honor to initiate the process with Mayor [Brad] Cohen and speak on behalf of the Sikh community,” Roopreet Dovey Sawhney-Gill said, president of the MOMS Club of East Brunswick Area.

Sikhs have been living in the United States for more than 100 years, and during the early 20th century, thousands of Sikh Americans worked on farms, in lumber mills and mines, and on the Oregon, Pacific and Eastern Railroad, according to the proclamation read by Council Vice President James Wendell during the April 8 council meeting...

...“Thank you for making this proclamation to create awareness about Sikhs. People usually compliment me and say, ‘What a nice hat’ and then I say, ‘It’s not a hat it’s a patka on top of my hair,'” Karman said. “I have long hair that I don’t cut because in my religion [we do] not cut [our] hair. … By the time I grow up everyone will know who Sikhs are, thank you.”

Karman also held a picture frame of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. Sawnhey-Gill said the Golden Temple is where 100,000 people are fed for free every single day. About 200,000 rotis, which are Indian flatbreads, and 1.5 tons of daal, which is lentil soup, is cooked and served by volunteers in the world’s largest free community kitchen.

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