Dubai's Sikh temple feeds thousands of Muslims this Ramadan

'I am overwhelmed with gratitude' says Raziya Sharif, a Muslim from Pakistan

An interfaith iftar held at a Sikh temple in Dubai was described as a perfect metaphor for the UAE’s melting pot of religions.

More than 200 members of the Muslim and Sikh communities took part in an event at the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple in Dubai on Wednesday evening.

The temple, in Jebel Ali, has an estimated 50,000 members. It was opened seven years ago to meet a demand from the Sikh community for a permanent place of worship in Dubai...

...Angad Jaspal, a 33-year-old Indian, told The National that the event was a reflection of the cosmopolitan nature of modern Dubai.

“It is important to have different communities mingling with each other,” he said.

“It shows that everyone is equal and there is no place for inequality regardless of where you are from or what your religion might be.”

Bubbles Kandhari, vice chairperson of the temple, said the "response from all communities has been absolutely fabulous so far".

“We have more than 200 people here tonight and have been averaging about 40/50 people every other night.

“It’s important to open our doors and welcome others. That is especially the case during the Year of Tolerance here in the UAE.”

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