Delano farmer still working at 105

So, what is key to living such a long and healthy life? According to Brar, moderation....


DELANO, Calif. - A local Delano farmer is celebrating a big day today: 105 years of life.     

Bakhtawar Brar celebrated his birthday from his desk, at work. The man hasn't stopped working a day in his life and he says work is what keeps him alive.

“We decided to throw him this party to show him appreciation and that we're with him just to make him happy," said Daisy Gonzales, Brar’s employee.

Brar has been overseeing his son's agriculture company since 2006.

“He's here in the office, every morning around 5 a.m..,” said John Jiles, Brar’s employee. “It doesn't matter if it's a holiday, he's always there."


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