Dance sensation Gurdeep Pandher is ringing in Sikh Heritage Month with some Bhangra

'Learning about other cultures will remove barriers and bring us together as fellow humans'

Before the pandemic, Gurdeep Pandher already had a string of viral hits. But with everyone stuck at home, his videos have had a special place for those looking to cleanse their timelines of case numbers and school closures. From his dance celebrating his COVID-19 vaccination, to collaborating with Celtic music group Crooked Folk, Pandher's videos have racked up millions of views from people sharing his joy with friends and loved ones. 

For Pandher, dancing Bhangra allows him to share his culture with people from other walks of life in a way that he describes as "joyful, open and secular." He started Bhangra dancing as a young child, learning from his family and elders, and explains that the dance does not come from his religion, Sikhism, but rather Sikh culture and folklore...

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