Coronavirus help: Hawke's Bay Sikh community member volunteers to help impacted

"There will be no person-to-person contact made."

Members of the Sikh community nationwide, led by Sikh Aware NZ along with Whangarei Sikh Society and Deg Tegh Fateh Sikh Society Christchurch, are banding together to volunteer and help those who have been impacted by coronavirus.

Gurpreet Singh, from Napier, was approached by the society to volunteer his services for those immuno-compromised, in self-isolation or unable to shop for themselves.

People just need to order their groceries by noon from their local supermarket and pick-up and delivery will be arranged by the members...

..."Back in India I was a doctor with a background in psychiatry. In these times I urge people to stay calm, and stay positive."

People can contact Singh on 02041037565 if you need help.

There are currently 102 cases of coronavirus in New Zealand, including one in Hawke's Bay.

NZ shifted to Alert Level 3 on Monday and expected to move to Level 4 within 48 hours (by midnight Wednesday).

This means everyone needs to prepare for self-isolation over the next 48 hours.

Schools and all educational facilities were expected to close on Tuesday, except for the children of essential workers such as health staff.

They will be fully closed from midnight Wednesday, along with businesses except essential services such as supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, and lifeline utilities. Travel is severely restricted and only for essential services.

Alert Level 4 is expected to continue for four weeks at this stage.

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