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Compelling Calgarians: Dr. Anmol Kapoor

“It’ll change the way we practise medicine now,” said Kapoor, “and will have a huge impact in the next five or 10 years....

As a cardiologist who saves lives on a regular basis, Dr. Anmol Kapoor is used to gratitude from his patients.

But receiving an award for his efforts — Immigrant of Distinction from Immigrant Services Calgary — is something he, himself, is thankful for.

“When you get acknowledged as one of the immigrants of distinction, that tells me that the path I’m working on is the right path and I should keep working in this direction,” said Kapoor. “The path is to make Canada a much healthier place for all.”

His work focuses on heart disease prevention, particularly among the South Asian community and women.

“It is quite difficult and challenging,”... 

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