Bye bye... but why?

In this entire cosmos everything is attached to something.

Sometimes it seems like a pipe dream... Your hand in my hand... the weather splendid blue like the hue of your eyes.... your tresses breathtaking. I feel charmed when you smile at me.

I can't say goodbye to you because you're mine, of course. I can't imagine my life without you.

But what is it all about? Why can't we live or leave once we get blended into something? Why are we bound and what is it that binds us so closely?

Sometimes, when someone we love leaves us without good reason, they leave a question in our psyche... WHY?

We may never get an answer to this question in our entire life.

In this entire cosmos everything is attached to something. When anyone says "I have some good news and some bad news," we love to hear the good news first. Our eyes, heart, brain and our whole being love pleasant surprises. This is our actuality and mentality, but sometimes it becomes replaced with formality and we feel we must respond in a manner expected of us.

Everyone's life is full of twists. Movies, plays and shows sometimes make it seem that this life is a cinch, with their Hollywood and Bollywood endings. We all know things don't work this way in real life.

" Nowadays nobody eats sweets, and nobody speaks sweetly." That's why sometimes I feel that animals are finer than us in many ways. The fervor inside animals is more direct than in human beings.

I wonder what would happen if the walls could speak. In parting I sense that truth is like a lie and a lie is like truth, but I can't sense the difference between these two because parting seems cruel. The words "I don't care" are easy to say, but it is so difficult to remain alive by saying these three words.

Those with whom we have a soul connection, even though far from us physically, are always with us. They support us at every step of life. It is hard to say goodbye to those whose souls are linked with ours. So, let us not say goodbye but rather know that those who are bound to us soul-to-soul have no parting but rather are bound together beyond the limitations of time and space.

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