Born without arms, this para-cyclist raises funds for cross-country charity

25-year-old Jagwinder Singh cycled from Singapore to Malacca over two days to raise funds for the underprivileged

Despite having no hands, he can still cycle across the country for charity: This is the inspiring tale of 25-year-old Jagwinder Singh who broke human barriers to cycle from Singapore to Malacca over two days to raise funds for the underprivileged.

The para-cyclist led a riding expedition, over the weekend, befittingly called, ‘Ride To Serve 2019’, organised by Paul Singh, in aid of Sikh Welfare Council and in collaboration with the Singapore Khalsa Association (SKA).

As I watched him expertly handle the racing bicycle, he instantly became a reminder about how we can defy all kinds of odds to achieve a dream. No wonder then, that his family, friends and fans call him “Super Singh”...

...He says: “I don’t face any problems because of being handicapped. Whenever I feel like doing some work I see how another person is doing this work and work out how can I do it my own way.”

Jagwinder is truly an extraordinary man who wants to help the under-privileged. He says: “If you wait till you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you will end up not doing nothing for nobody.”

His role-model and favourite cyclist is Canadian Joseph Veloce, a world-class biker. So, what challenge will he take up next?

“Winning a gold medal in the Tokyo Paralympics is my next goal. I’m practising over 25km daily and will keep pushing to perform better and to be close to Joseph

...“We’re Sikhs living in a multi-racial blend here and we invite Singaporeans to partake
in every SKA celebration and charity events in attempts to build and strengthen
community ties,” he said.

“Jagwinder from Punjab, armless but with the bravest personal spirits, (sic) showed we can achieve the impossible if we put our hearts and souls (sic) for charity. He’s truly an extraordinary Sikh global ambassador.”

The final word came from Jagwinder’s mother Amarjeet Kaur, 45, who told The Times of
India newspaper: “We need a good girl for him, who will support him and live her
whole life with him properly. As we hope for good (sic) for him, she should wish the

But despite his parents’ attempts at match-making, Jagwinder, the “Super Sikh” is more focused on cycling, training at the gym and helping the under-privileged.


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