Blah Blah!

Let our conversations elevate rather than disparage


Yesterday, my ammi cooked her best-loved veggies usually known as kaddu (pumpkin.) I loathe kaddu but nonetheless,  my ammi zestfully dished up pumpkin into my bowl.

When i was eating and feeling the kaddu tang, some “kaddu folk” came into my mind. Now I call people who prattle all the time, “kaddu folk.”  This type of peeps freely give their “blah blah” superfluous freebie advice into everyone’s life. These folk don’t ever seem do much themselves, and they don’t want others to do it either.

For example, there are the ones who always ask the same question every day: “Arre beta ji, what are you doing nowadays?” asked in a very deliberately and with eyebrow raised like, “tell me, go on and let the cat out of the bag.” They always already know everything they ask about, but they relish provoking these conversations.

Then there are the golden agers who approach us, and have done over forty decades, with the same question: “Beta ji, in our time our parents gave us only a bicycle and you have motor vehicles and luxury cars and the sad thing is that you all are still not attaining first rate goals in your life.” they say this line in a very superior way.

Sometimes golden agers shoot from the hip as if they are the only righteous person in each situation. I wonder who will tell them “uss sattar assi (70-80) ke dashak mein tum logon ko KTM kaise leke dete tab toh woh bechara launch bhi nahi hua tha” at that time only there were only bicycles so that’s why they had access to only a bicycle. That was the 20th century and this is the 21st century. This older generation values things by time. After such chatter they continue by saying “our time was good.”

Now, I’ll turn my attention to those green-eyed folks who always say “paisa sath nahi jayega aaj hai kal nahi.” We all reckon that money won’t go with us when we leave but it doesn’t mean that we don’t do anything in life. I believe that after incarnating if you have any aim, then you have a life. if you don’t have any aim then you have no life. When the chips are down, we all believe that money is nothing compared to dignity, human feelings, happiness, sadness and lot more elements of the cosmos. Money is just pieces of paper but nowadays money seems to be the only thing that matters. Even a five-year-old knows what’s really important.

Just as people still go on pilgrimages, even though they know Guru Granth Sahib tells us pilgrimages are worthless. Many are conscious about this but still they go. This irrational mindset asks others others to compromise their lives.

These types of “blah blah” vibes dishearten the spirit, so don’t focus on the words of those folks who don’t even understand themselves. Please don’t let such people meddle in your life. Just go onward and accomplish your goals and politely keep away from pessimistic opinions.

Do you have these “blah blah talk” experiences???

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