Beginning an Era of Justice and Healing: #MeTooSikh

The third anniversary is approaching since the start of the #MeToo movement....

The third anniversary is approaching since the start of the #MeToo movement. To keep the momentum going, Kaur Voices has decided to launch the #MeTooSikh movement. 

Kaur Voices, founded by Jasvir Kaur Rababan MBE, is a gender-inclusive space that originated for core voices to be listened to within the Sikh and Punjabi community. When the #MeToo movement began, the focus was mainly on celebrities in Hollywood and Bollywood. However, women and men that were abused outside of the limelight did not speak up. The reason focus has shifted to the Sikh and Punjabi community is because Kaur Voices wants to shine a light on the hypocrisy of the despicable actions that are currently ongoing.

Recently, a case came to light that took place in the 1990s of a Sikh preacher (Granthi) that had sexually assaulted a teenager at the time. The incident was taken to court, and the preacher pleaded guilty. However, afterward, the preacher and Gurdwara (temple) committee did not apologize to the young girl and denied any accusations when brought up. Someone seen to be safe and trustworthy was the one to initiate this horrendous act and cover it up. 

This movement is not an attack on a specific individual, but a light to wake everyone up and to see the problems that are in front of their eyes. This incident is not the first time this has happened, but Kaur Voices wants to take action and to prevent mistreatments like this in the future. It may have been a preacher this time, but there are men and women out there that are being abused by their spouses, parents, or other family members.

Sikhs are taught to fight for justice and to treat everyone with fairness and equality. This is a call to action to unearth the problems in the community and to implement active reform. Kaur Voices wants to take action against the abusers along with teaching victims to become survivors. However, to find these abusers and bring them to justice, they need people to speak up and share their stories. The stigma needs to be broken of the abused's honor being tarnished if they speak of their mistreatments.

This is a call for allies of the #MeTooSikh movement. Support is needed from the community to become the collective voice to #BreakTheSilence #ChupToro on sexual abuse in the Punjabi and Sikh community. There has been silence for far too long, and now the oppressed voices need to be heard. Stand with the movement in solidarity #Ekta to bring safety into individual homes along with communities and Gurdwaras.

Share the #MeTooSikh hashtag on Thursday, October 15th at exactly 1pm EST to gain momentum and to begin the healing that this community desperately needs.

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