Australian Sikh Community Working Around The Clock To Deliver Free Food To People In Isolation

"We follow the Sikh way of life....

The Australian Sikh community has been working behind the scenes to ensure vulnerable or financially unstable people can have something to eat.

Scores of people across Australia have been let go by their employer or might be struggling to make ends meet as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

For weeks, the Sikh Volunteers Australia (SVA) Facebook group has been updated with photos and videos of the meals they are cooking and delivering to people across Melbourne.

They've been working around the clock to buy supplies, cook and deliver thousands of meals to those who have been impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19.

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SVA member Manpreet Singh told The Hindustan Times: "The initiative was started three years ago in South East part of Melbourne and we have been serving free food packs to those in need, like elderly, single parent or people in self isolation.

"We have also started a new service for international students now and we are expecting the deliveries to go up."

They've also started selling basic over-the-counter medicines to groups like the elderly, low-income families and the disabled, in case they're not able to purchase those things themselves.

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