Are You Independent ?

Author talks of freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

15 August and 26 January fall every year with same essence, same notions, same sentiments and with same melodies like “sare jahan se accha”. I reckon that it will always remain the same. Same things take place on the birth anniversary of our freedom fighters. These are the only 2-3 days in which nationality and patriotism arouses our blood, mind and heart and then after 24 hours “raat gayi-baat gayi”. Then arises new day with a new play. My day, my birthday, 15th August, my loved ones always call me 'independent' on my birthday, but sometimes it becomes “butterfly in my stomach” moment for me why? I don’t know!

Everyone thinks about independence but they don’t think independently and that’s the crunch.

So, without taking much time, let’s turn the page to the saga of 1947. An Indian independence act which is based on Lord Mountabatten’s [last viceroy of British-India] “Mountbatten Plan” of June 3, 1947 and was passed by the parliament of UK on July 5, 1947, the act received the assent of the royal family on July 18, 1947. This bifurcated the British India into two new independent dominions of “India and Pakistan”. But when the independence bill was being debated, a UK politician, Winston Churchill said that surely we are giving freedom to this country but actually this country is not capable of freedom. His words were, “Power will go to hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles and a day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India”. These lines are really legit and this is what we literally see in India today.


Just leave it & let’s go ahead, as in this independent nation we perpetually hearken that he/she is a Hindu, Muslim, Islam, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Buddhist, Jain, Zoroastrian, but why does no one says that he/she is a Human Being? What’s going on? God created human beings and human beings created all these headache issues like religion, caste, gender, colour, race and lot more if I kick off naming all these contentions, then it will take all night. Justice, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, nowadays, all these are left only in a moniker and all in all is against these four words which draw the line and pick’s up acute grudge and bitterness in a culture. So, nowadays human’s are everywhere but mournfully humanity is no more. And however, we reckon that we were slaves of British before, but now we are becoming slaves of British again. That’s the “Incredible India”.

Just envisage about the shebang, which is like a snake's tongue, that is “economy slowdown” is in limelight today. Banks, Auto sector, MNC’s and many other sectors are belly up. But no one knows why this is happening. Each one is just assuming and illuming with their own views.

In India, I think, no one will forget the night of 8th November 2016. A day of demonetisation, i.e. “notebandi” a ban on 500 and 1000 notes of Mahatama Gandhi series. But do you know before this, many other countries tasted the flavour of currency reforms such as Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Myanmar, Soviet Union and lot more. But this decision led to economic disruption in all these countries which obviously made the economy flimsy. You all may have heard an old proverb that is “Cut your coat according to your cloth”. If everyone and even every country follow this proverb then no one would face any kind of financial crunch. It is a sound policy to curtail unnecessary expenses. So people, first of all, learn to be happy in what you have and do not expect anything from others. Because ”More expectations brings more limitations”, for both the  country and the people.


Second shebang is “DRUG” which is eating our country like termites and making it hollow. In my understanding, drug is not bad but drug abuse is. In an overview, I think in the meantime babies were not born now the question arises WHY? Because young blood is getting into “drug abuse”, they all are dying within. Their body cells are getting weakened as is the country’s economy. So think and perceive. The wise will understand. Lastly, from this emerges the first step to achieving a beautifull cosmos.

Third, It is a mishmash of money and tummy which gives birth to a new affair that is ‘Corruption’. Corruption is a 'hot potato' issue of many countries. GST, bank mergers, recapitalization, privatisation, all these matters are interlinked with it.

Some sort of other numerous loopholes like our feeble law enforcement units, judicial system, educational system, new constitutional amendments, all these loopholes brings the system on its last legs. As we generally hear “the hands of law are very long” (Kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hain). The Law and the law enforcers seem to work hand-in-hand.


Now, time for climax the main eight alphabet word that is “POLITICS”, a game of dark horses. It is a rife talk of generation that people who have a terrific qualification are roaming the streets and those who are illiterate are running our country, known as ‘politicians’, the boss of the  system. Factually, this is the main misfortune of our country. Before elections, all leaders always say one line “vote us we will remove the poverty” and when these leaders win the election, then people ask them “why didn’t you remove our poverty" and  in reply leader says that I was not talking about removing your poverty but removing my own. Like they say - “Garibi ka toh pta nahi lekin garib zaroor door hote jaa rahe hain”. So politics is a catch-22 situation for the future. As an instance, a person a daily wager, earning for a family wouldn't want to know who is the PM of the country or the President of the country. He/She only knows "no work no pay" and consequently "no food". Welfare of the people becomes a back-bencher.

Politics is a game of double meaning - religion and caste are weapons for it because they are delicate issue’s and  any one can be convinced and astrayed on the name of religion. Just consider - for how many years the politics has been going on on the name of “Ram Temple” and it will continuously go on so forth. You are continuously made a fool until you consider yourself a fool. This is a cycle and bear in mind that a cycle surely repeats in every situation. So, neither the people will forget the year 1947 nor will they forget the year 1984 and so also the times 2016-17. The wounds ofcourse healed but the scars remain.

Even though our constitution speaks “We, the people of India” there are those that do not stand and pay respect for national anthem, what else can we expect from them. How can they face up to other protocol’s ! As a human being we have fundamental rights and duties to venerate every religion, caste, colour, gender, race among others. See the human and be humane. Teach this lesson to your kids because they are the future. And if you still talk about independency, if you still talk of freedom, then think and ask yourself - are the people (and specially women & girls),  are the birds and animals independent and free and lastly ask yourself honestly, "are you independent?"

If you still say you are, then Happy Independence - "Azadi Mubarak !"

Jai Hind


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