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On January 14th we celebrate Jor Mela in remembrance of Mai Bhago and the 40 liberated ones....

On January 14th we celebrate  Jor Mela in remembrance of Mai Bhago and the 40 liberated ones. This is one of the most important days in Sikh history, it was truly a turning point in Sikh history. 

But many of us have heard history before. What we want to do is bring it into our lives. Information is easy to come by, everything is available to us now. Experience is the new currency, that is what is valuable. Here is a way you can get a priceless experience. Here is a great way to bring it into our lives: 

In the below video a great inspiration to young Sikhs around the world, Bhai Sukha Singh re-animates this most important section of time. Bhai Hajara Singh begins and ends the session with his heart felt singing. We had dozens of youth who traveled to a camp to offer a few days of life to bond and be reminded of why we are on this path. The environment on this particular night was one that we will remember our whole lives. As we left the campfire we chanted Gurbani to our beds and so many felt a closer touch of Guru Ji in our lives. This is the experience we got. And this is the experience I wish to forward to you dear reader. 

You can transport there as well. Gather as many friends as you can together and set aside a few hours. In order to really make it an event, you may want to gather  your sangat and recite banis before playing this. Make an event out of this, it is not just a video, it is the possibility to touch your life. Trust me it will be worth your time. 

Treat it like you are there yourself, sing along as you are in the circle, answer back as if you are there, forget the little things called time and space the supposedly separate us... and you will get an experience. And it will be timeless.   

-Harijot Singh Khalsa

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