‘We don’t work. We serve’, says Sikh top cop on retirement

“Don’t procrastinate. Do tomorrow’s work today, and do today’s work now.”

The highest ranking Sikh police officer in Asia, ex-India, retired today. The retirement of Malaysian police commissioner Amar Singh Ishar Singh also brings to a close a three-generation run spanning over 90 years in the police force.

Though having served a good 35 years in the Malaysian police force, Amar Singh, who retires as the Federal Commercial Crime Investigations Department (CCID) director, says he never worked even for a day.

“I did not work a single day in the police force. You work when you’re paid to do something. I did what I like to do and I got paid for it. (In essence) I never really worked even for a single day...

...Talking to the largely Sikh crowd before him, Amar said: “Sikhs have a fighting spirit in them. Whatever we set our eyes upon, we get it. And my father always says: kal da kaam aajh karo, hunn daa kaam hunn karoo.

“Don’t procrastinate. Do tomorrow’s work today, and do today’s work now.”

In an earlier event, Amar handed over duties as the Bukit Aman CCID chief to Deputy Comm Saiful Azly Kamaruddin, who will be the CCID acting director. The event was witnessed by Inspector General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

“He is truly a rare gem of a policeman and I wish him a happy retirement,” Fuzi said of Amar...

...This is the highest rank attained by a Sikh police officer in Malaysia. Santokh Singh was the last Sikh to be appointed as a state police chief when he was made Selangor CPO with the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SAC) 1.

He broke the glass ceiling for the community again when, effective 14 Oct 2017, he was appointed as the commercial crime investigation director at the Malaysian police headquarters.

He was also the first Indian and Sikh cop to become a director at Bukit Aman, as the Malaysian police headquarters is usually referred to.


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