‘Honest’ Uber driver praised for returning passenger’s purse containing $10,000

Melbourne-based driver Gurbrinder Singh is being hailed for his honesty after he reunited a passenger with her purse tha...

Uber driver Gurbrinder Singh is being hailed a hero for returning his passenger’s purse which contained $10,000 in cash and some important documents.

On the day of the incident on October 23, Mr Singh recalled that he ferried at least three customers around the Melbourne suburbs of Box Hill and Richmond.

“One of the customers was in such a rush that she left her purse in the back-seat of my car,” Mr Singh told SBS Punjabi.

“I had requested Uber to connect me to this customer who later told me that she was extremely stressed and was also afraid of losing her hard-earned money.”...

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...While attributing his act to the Sikh principles, he added that he felt that it was in fact his duty to return the bag where it belonged.

“We must return what is not ours. It doesn’t matter if it has a value of a single dollar or tens of thousands of dollars,” he said.  

Mr Singh said that he is confident that his story is not the first and it won’t be the last.

He said that he was sharing the incident in the hope that others too would be inspired by his actions.

“I wanted to share this story to tell people that there is plenty of good happening around us but it is just that is it is not being shared with everyone,” he added.

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