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Gurbani Shabads written by Guru Gobind Singh

To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Play Title Album Artistsort ascending Length Plays
Jivan Meh Jal Meh Thhal Meh Bhai Inderjit Singh (Bombay) 23:56 2,058
Sach Kahoo Sun Leho Bhai Inderjit Singh (Bombay) 10:02 1,678
Puran Jot Jage Ghat Me #2 Bhai Inderjit Singh (Bombay) 22:52 1,471
Kahe Dolat He Tumri Sud Bhai Inderjit Singh (Bombay) 8:57 1,173
Ham Ehe Kaj Jagat Mohe Aye Bhai Inderjit Singh (Bombay) 13:56 2,342
Yarera Dha Sanoo Sathhar Changa Bhai Inderjit Singh (Bombay) 4:45 1,127
Sada Rahe Kanchan Si Kaya Bhai Inderjit Singh (Bombay) 22:56 3,021
Kaheyo Praboo So Bhak Ho Bhai Inderjit Singh (Bombay) 26:12 1,444
Hum Eh Kaaj Aaye Deedar Lagone Bhai Gurwinder Singh 9:54 820
Mittar Piyare Nu Aaye Deedar Lagone Bhai Gurwinder Singh 10:08 1,094
Jabbei Baan Lageyo Aaye Deedar Lagone Bhai Gurwinder Singh 9:58 733
Mehar Karo Aaye Deedar Lagone Bhai Gurwinder Singh 9:35 1,149
Aaye Deedar Lagone Aaye Deedar Lagone Bhai Gurwinder Singh 9:50 1,010
Jis Nu Sajan Rakhi Aaye Deedar Lagone Bhai Gurwinder Singh 10:17 1,294
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Giani Thakur Singh 26:32 40,494
Tav Prasad Savaiye Nitnem Giani Thakur Singh 5:15 23,138
Benti Chaupai Nitnem Giani Thakur Singh 8:22 47,314
Deenan Kee Pritpaal Karai Nit Pr'desan Dya Singh (Australia) 6:42 2,519
SCS Invocation Sacred Chants of the Sikhs Dya Singh (Australia) 7:22 1,745
Benti Chaupai 300 Dya Singh (Australia) 10:24 16,993
Savaiya Nitnam AM Dya Singh (Australia) 8:16 13,645
Kirpa Kar Shyam Waheguru Bol Pyarea Dya Singh (Australia) 7:06 1,431
Sukhi Base Moro Parvara Dya Singh (Australia) 10:33 2,912
Hay Rav Hay Sas Pr'desan Dya Singh (Australia) 8:44 1,067
Hey Rav Hey Sas Jagjit Tribute Dya Singh (Australia) 7:29 4,441
Anthem Along (2003) Dya Singh (Australia) 5:23 2,449
Desan Pateshahian 300 Dya Singh (Australia) 7:54 1,844
Sawai-Yay Nitnem Dya Singh (Australia) 8:16 2,160
Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khas Delhi Recordings Dya Singh (Australia) 11:51 1,708
Savayiyay Dya Singh (Australia) 9:01 771


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