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Gurbani Shabads written by Guru Gobind Singh

To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Play Title Album Artistsort ascending Length Plays
Gobinday Mukhanday Mantras from Jaap Sahib Chardikala Jatha 30:46 52,132
Jaap Sahib Chardikala Jatha 16:41 58,944
As Kirpan Khando Karag Chardikala Jatha 6:34 6,006
Atam Ras Jej Janah Chardikala Jatha 11:49 2,779
Rajan Ke Raja Maharajan Kae Maharaja Summer Solstice 2011 Chardikala Jatha 9:30 16,307
Beant Beant Beant Ko Karant Paath Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram, Espanola [4/29/2018] Chardikala Jatha 10:56 5,218
Chatar Dhari Chatari Pat Espanola February 2016 Chardikala Jatha 3:13 3,144
As Kirpan Khando Karag Summer Solstice 2010 Chardikala Jatha 9:38 4,676
Deh Shiva Bar Mohay Hai Malaysia 2005 Chardikala Jatha 8:23 3,963
Chhatrdhaaree Chhatreepat Chhail Roop Chhit Naath... Chardikala Jatha 6:39 6,368
as kripaan khanddo kharrag Summer Solstice 2012 Chardikala Jatha 9:09 3,135
Kinni Tera Ant Na Paya Malaysia 2005 Chardikala Jatha 11:37 4,575
Benti Chaupai Chardikala Jatha 7:18 47,478
The Experience of Jaap Sahib Sikhi Discussions Chardikala Jatha 4:58 2,459
Tav Prasad Savaiye Chardikala Jatha 4:03 31,099
As Kirpan Khando Karag - Energetic w/Guitar Chardikala Jatha 8:13 4,333
Kahai Ko Dholat Hai Chardikala Jatha 8:03 1,953
Jai Tay Gung Chardikala Jatha 5:05 5,653
Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Hai (With Intro) Malaysia 2005 Chardikala Jatha 19:42 3,433
As Kripaan Khando Kharhag Chardikala Jatha 7:27 2,933
jhaagarradhang naagarradhang Summer Solstice 2012 Chardikala Jatha 6:03 4,083
Jai Tegang Chardikala Jatha 15:16 11,284
Prabh Jo Tho Kai Laj Malaysia 2005 Chardikala Jatha 22:53 2,321
Jaap Sahib Chardikala Jatha 18:31 11,516
Hey Rav Hay Sas Hay Karananidh Summer Solstice 2008 Chardikala Jatha 10:25 2,656
Deh Shiva Var Mohey Avninder Kaur Vij 5:29 1,664
Shubh Karman Te Kabo Na Taro Atam Ras Kirtan Atam Ras Kirtan 7:00 4,167
Deh Shiva Atam Ras Kirtan Atam Ras Kirtan 13:15 5,831
Prabh Ju To Ke Laj Shabad Gurbani Asha Bhosle 4:42 1,103
Jaap Sahib Bani Pro 24:25 20,950


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