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Play Title Album Artistsort ascending Length Plays
Waah Yantee Mountain Sadhana Mirabai Ceiba 7:06 8,557
Ardas Bhaee Ocean Mirabai Ceiba 8:24 21,082
Song To The Pleiades Ocean Mirabai Ceiba 8:44 5,142
Mul Mantra, Mantra Mountain Sadhana Mirabai Ceiba 7:04 11,926
Wahe Guru Wahe Jio Mountain Sadhana Mirabai Ceiba 22:10 12,919
Long Time Sun (El Eterno Sol) Ocean Mirabai Ceiba 2:58 7,175
Rakhe Rakhan Har Mountain Sadhana Mirabai Ceiba 7:17 11,717
Rise Up Mountain Sadhana Mirabai Ceiba 4:08 9,742
Ajai Alai Ocean Mirabai Ceiba 10:51 21,207
Ocean Ocean Mirabai Ceiba 8:05 6,937
Ghol Ghumai Laalna Principal Baldev Singh 10:20 5,301
Tain Sahib Ki Main Saar Na Jan Principal Baldev Singh 10:40 2,486
Tohi Mohi Mohi Tohi Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Samellan 91 Principal Baldev Singh 14:12 2,745
Tum Karo Daya Mere Sain 50 Glorious Years Of Recorded Mahendra Kapoor 4:39 6,540
Breakdown (the ego) Love Is Love Mahan Kalpa 3:52 1,564
Assembly of Light Angels and Animals Mahan Kalpa 5:09 1,763
Ek Ong Kaur Sat Gur Prasad Love Is Love Mahan Kalpa 6:40 3,329
Guru Ram Das Guru Angels and Animals Mahan Kalpa 5:30 5,313
Advertisement For Your Soul Love Is Love Mahan Kalpa 4:57 2,174
Mere Man Satguru Jatinder Dogra Jatinder Dogra 8:17 523
Har Jan Rakhe Benantiya Jatinder Dogra 5:01 1,369
Tu Har Bhaj Man Jatinder Dogra Jatinder Dogra 6:21 434
Satgur Pas Benanatiya Benantiya Jatinder Dogra 11:18 645
Hum Mailey Tum Ujal Karta Jatinder Dogra Jatinder Dogra 14:21 848
Main Adhule Ki Tek Jasdeep Singh & Baldeep Singh 8:10 706
Har Bin Reh Na Sake Jasdeep Singh & Baldeep Singh 8:39 627
Main Bauri Jasdeep Singh & Baldeep Singh 8:09 535
Hau Reh Na Sakan Jasdeep Singh & Baldeep Singh 10:10 628
Kar Kirpa Prabh Deen Dyala Jasdeep Singh & Baldeep Singh 7:20 896
Raaj Leela Jasdeep Singh & Baldeep Singh 13:25 529