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Play Title Album Artistsort descending Length Plays
Dithay Sabhay Thaav Raama-ee-aa Hau Baarik Tayraa Bhai Arvinderpal Singh 7:59 3,587
Chal Re Baikunth Tujhe Le Taro Bhai Arvinderpal Singh 8:03 1,856
Aeyo Saran Deen Dukh Bhanjan Bhai Arvinderpal Singh 12:18 2,386
Houn Wari Wanjan Gholi Wanjaan Bhai Arvinderpal Singh 11:59 1,354
Prab Ji Tu Mero Sukh Data Bhai Arvinderpal Singh 11:01 1,884
Sabhey Ghat Ram Bole Bhai Arvinderpal Singh 10:25 1,305
Sab Awgan Main Gun Nahien Koi Bhai Arvinderpal Singh 14:38 1,714
Kaun Janai Gun Tere Har Data Sabh Jagat Bhikharia Bhai Arvinderpal Singh 7:12 2,118
Prabh Pas Jan Ke Ardaas Bhai Arjan Singh 7:38 2,120
Doe Kar Jod Kar Ardaas Bhai Arjan Singh 22:49 6,525
Raag Dhansari Bhai Avtar Singh 11:51 1,253
Raag Kaanrra Bhai Avtar Singh 6:56 1,090
Raag Prabhaati Bhairon Ang Bhai Avtar Singh 10:52 1,078
Rameya Hau Barak Bhai Avtar Singh 11:15 1,120
Raag Sorath Bhai Avtar Singh 14:20 1,243
Sahurare Vaat Sab (Basant, Chanchal) Bhai Avtar Singh 13:55 1,192
Tere Jan Raam Bhai Avtar Singh 8:13 2,002
Tohi Mohi Mohi Tohi Antar Kaisa Bhai Avtar Singh 7:47 2,253
Vismaad Bhai Avtar Singh 5:00 1,345
Basant Chareaa Fooli Banraaey (Basant Purvi Ang,... Wirsa Bhai Avtar Singh 10:01 2,263
Har Key Naam Binaa Dukh Paavai Wirsa Bhai Avtar Singh 10:10 1,681
Santeh Dhoor - Raag Kedaara 31 Raags Bhai Avtar Singh 7:56 1,242
Merey Man Jap Ehnas Naam Harey Wirsa Bhai Avtar Singh 8:01 952
Mohan Neend Na - Raag Bilawil 31 Raags Bhai Avtar Singh 10:22 2,717
Saajanraa Mera Saajanraa (Ramkali, Panj Taal) Wirsa Bhai Avtar Singh 14:41 1,207
Tedhi Paag - Raag Kedaara 31 Raags Bhai Avtar Singh 10:43 1,602
Merea Greah Ayea Raaja Bhai Avtar Singh 11:05 1,209
Oha Prem Piri Bhai Avtar Singh 7:15 1,896
Raag Basant Bhai Avtar Singh 16:50 2,950
Raag Gujri Bhai Avtar Singh 10:48 1,531