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Browsing Gurbani Tag: Nitnem

To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Play Title Album Artist Lengthsort ascending Plays
Anand Sahib Bhai Gurbaj Singh 25:21 376
Jaap Sahib Bhai Gurbaj Singh 25:06 314
Rehras Sahib Bhai Gurbaj Singh 24:54 389
Rehras Gurudwara Singh Sabha BRS Nagar Fateh TV 24:53 6,656
Rehiras Sahib Chardikala Jatha 24:42 61,851
Japji Sahib Nitnem Paath Prof Manjit Singh 24:33 85,205
Jaap Sahib Bani Pro 24:25 18,814
Rehraas Sahib Nitnem-Dam Dami Taksaal Bhai Jarnail Singh (Damdami Taksal) 24:05 216,842
Rehras Sahib Rehiras Siri Shabad Singh 24:03 79,701
Japji Sahib Nitnem (Bhai Dalbir Singh Hazoori Ragi) Bhai Dalbir Singh (Hazoori Ragi) 24:01 10,095
Jaap Sahib Jaap Sahib Siri Shabad Singh 23:47 19,836
Anand Sahib Nitnem (Giani Bhadur Singh Damdami Taksal) Giani Bhadur Singh (Damdami Taksal) 23:31 3,989
Rehras Sahib Nitnem Jagowale 23:30 131,348
Japji Sahib Nihang Singh Nitnem Sant Baba Nihal Singh Ji (Harianvela wale) 23:29 52,080
Anand Sahib Words of Akaal: Daily Nitnem Kamaljeet Singh Wanchiri 23:29 20,063
Nanak Eh Gun Nam Sukhmani Prof Darshan Singh Khalsa 23:20 1,617
Gurmukhi Japji Slow Japji Song of the Soul Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa 23:12 42,472
Jaap Sahib Nitnem (SSNirmale) Bhai Sarabjeet Singh Nirmale 23:07 1,726
Thir Ghar Bhay So Har Jan Pyaa The Partap Brothers: Ravinder, Bhai Davinder & Mohinder Partap Singh 23:04 3,029
Japji Sahib Nitnem - Bhai Sahib Singh Bhai Sahib Singh 23:00 47,813
Anand Sahib Panj Baniyan Bhai Gagandeep Singh (Sri Ganganagar) 22:57 34,610
Japji Sahib Bhai Gurbaj Singh 22:50 562
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Paath Prof Manjit Singh 22:43 43,422
Jaap Sahib Nitnem (Bhai Ranjit Singh Chandan) Bhai Ranjeet Singh Chandan 22:41 1,108
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Bhai Harbans Singh (Jagadhari) 22:33 11,469
Benti Chaupai Bhai Kishanpal Singh 22:23 4,080
Japji Sahib Nitnem Giani Kulwant Singh (Ludhiana) 22:16 85,940
Jaap Sahib Nitnem - Bhai Sahib Singh Bhai Sahib Singh 22:13 40,532
Rehras Sahib JapJi Sahib Rehras Sahib Prof Satnam Singh Sethi 22:06 37,871
Rehraas Sahib Japji Sahib Rehraas Sahib Bibi Jaskiran Kaur 21:48 42,638