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Play Titlesort descending Album Artist Length Plays
Gurmukhi Japji Fast Japji Song of the Soul Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa 14:51 25,664
Gurmukhi Japji Slow Japji Song of the Soul Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa 23:12 35,498
Guru Nanak Bole Dargahe Parwan Prof Satnam Singh Sethi 30:02 1,217
Jaap Sahib Words of Akaal: Daily Nitnem Kamaljeet Singh Wanchiri 35:40 40,302
Jaap Sahib Bani Pro 24:25 16,626
Jaap Sahib Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak 17:37 17,685
Jaap Sahib Dr Jagir Singh 20:28 5,810
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Dya Singh (Australia) 31:26 15,797
Jaap Sahib Jagowale 19:34 1,800
Jaap Sahib Jaap Sahib Siri Shabad Singh 23:47 16,701
Jaap Sahib SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji 25:25 4,477
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Bhai Jivan Singh 14:56 16,543
Jaap Sahib Chardikala Jatha 18:31 8,750
Jaap Sahib Panj Baniyan Bhai Gagandeep Singh (Sri Ganganagar) 30:08 36,110
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Bhai Manpreet Singh Kanpuri 16:41 69,185
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Giani Kulwant Singh (Ludhiana) 27:06 50,084
Jaap Sahib Nitnem (SSNirmale) Bhai Sarabjeet Singh Nirmale 23:07 1,609
Jaap Sahib Nitnam AM Dya Singh (Australia) 31:26 38,261
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Bhai Harbans Singh (Jagadhari) 22:33 9,924
Jaap Sahib Nitnem-Dam Dami Taksaal Bhai Jarnail Singh (Damdami Taksal) 16:30 152,051
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Jagowale 20:40 132,029
Jaap Sahib Chardikala Jatha 16:41 43,560
Jaap Sahib Bhai Rajinderpal Singh Raju 25:51 19,853
Jaap Sahib Bhai Jaspal Singh (USA) 21:04 10,290
Jaap Sahib Nitnem - Bhai Sahib Singh Bhai Sahib Singh 22:13 36,833
Jaap Sahib Nihang Singh Nitnem Sant Baba Nihal Singh Ji (Harianvela wale) 19:00 15,526
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Paath Prof Manjit Singh 22:43 37,683
Jaap Sahib Morning Nitnem Santhya Giani Gurdev Singh (Southall) 21:21 8,305
Jaap Sahib Jaap Sahib Dolly S. Narang 1:01:20 10,420
Jaap Sahib Nitnem Santhiya Bhagat Jaswant Singh 40:39 4,551