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Play Title Album Artistsort descending Length Plays
We all Come From One Creator Avtar Singh Khalsa 8:30 497
All Things Come From God Avtar Singh Khalsa 8:20 1,897
Kundalini Yoga Avtar Singh Khalsa 5:47 624
Freedom Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:18 408
We are the People of Love Avtar Singh Khalsa 7:36 732
Every Time I think of God I Just Want to Shout... Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:50 1,419
The Most Powerful Sound is the Word Avtar Singh Khalsa 7:23 685
Martin Luther King Avtar Singh Khalsa 5:43 412
Song of the Khalsa song of the khalsa (blues style) Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:32 2,439
God is the Doer of All Things Avtar Singh Khalsa 5:41 543
The Unknown is Known to Thee Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:50 356
May The Long Time Sun Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:01 1,144
Guru Ram Das Blues One In The Spirit - Disc 1 The Song is Never-Ending Avtar Singh Khalsa 2:36 1,351
Guru Guru Ram Das Guru Avtar Singh Khalsa 7:14 6,713
We Pray for Peace Avtar Singh Khalsa 6:21 350
There is a God Avtar Singh Khalsa 8:12 415
Guru Ram Das Avtar Singh Khalsa 7:23 1,036
The Longtime Sunshine Song Sacred Circle Amrit Kirtan 6:45 8,591
Angsung Waheguru Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa 12:59 1,996
Gagan Damama Bhajio (With Intro) Chardikala Jatha 13:57 2,106
Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Hai (With Intro) Malaysia 2005 Chardikala Jatha 19:42 3,116
Ham eh Kaj Jagat Moh Ayae Malaysia 2005 Chardikala Jatha 20:19 2,376
Your Radiant Body Sikhi Discussions Chardikala Jatha 6:21 1,580
Tu Main Maan Nimani Bhai Gurmail Singh (Amritsar) 15:20 1,464
Start A New Life 300 Dya Singh (Australia) 0:59 901
Introduction Mystical Traveller Dya Singh (Australia) 2:18 960
Lullaby Nitnam PM Dya Singh (Australia) 3:33 5,967
World Of Chant Pilgrim Dya Singh (Australia) 11:10 899
Sat Siri, Siri Akal Grateful Ganesh Guru Ganesha Singh 7:36 1,390
In the Light of My Soul Pure Ganesh Guru Ganesha Singh 7:41 4,464