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To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Play Titlesort descending Album Artist Length Plays
Sakhi-Guru nanak dev ji -2 Guru Nanak Dev Ji Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 17:48 2,540
Sakhi-Guru nanak dev ji -3 Guru Nanak Dev Ji Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 17:45 2,380
Sakhi-Guru nanak dev ji -4 Guru Nanak Dev Ji Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 15:25 2,174
SAMAGAM BADLADA Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 162:44 2,011
SAMAGAM LAKHIMPUR Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 106:41 2,116
Samagam UP Pind Barhapur Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 140:08 2,864
SANGRAND DA DEEWAN SOHE DARBAR NA Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 75:09 1,936
Sanu Thapna Guru Gobind Singh Di Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 8:29 3,073
Satgur Da Rasta Pakka Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 115:47 2,077
Satgur de Peyarea Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 4:24 4,324
Satgur Nanak Pargateya Live Recordings - 2018 Bhai Mehal Singh (Nanaksar) 9:15 2,433
Satgur Sajjan Mileya Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 65:23 2,501
Satguru Nanak Lekh Likhda Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 18:57 2,467
SATGURU SAJAN MILEYA Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 63:41 3,523
Satnam Waheguru Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 5:13 10,111
Sewa Da Phull Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 118:28 2,971
SEWA KAR LEY SEWAK BANKE Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 101:26 3,318
Simran Fast Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 138:14 6,317
Simran Slow Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 54:16 5,915
Singhan Paath Na Chadeya Japji Da Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 104:27 2,835
Suneya Tere Ton Saaian Khaali Koi Na Mudeyaa Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 114:29 3,036
Tati Vaa VI Lagan Na Deve Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 3:38 15,526
Tenu Tere Maare Karma Ne Maarna Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 3:55 5,002
Tera Panth Chalega Sachhe Paatshah Live Recordings - 2018 Bhai Mehal Singh (Nanaksar) 1:58 2,195
Tere Hath Dor Sayian Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 70:27 3,688
Teri Kalgi Da Lishkara Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 5:20 9,336
Teri Mehar de Sahare Paar Langna Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 5:49 6,881
Terian Dehlijan Da Mai Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 3:39 2,814
TERIYAAN KI KI SIFATAN KARIYE Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 134:53 2,589
Tinna Jog Jiyonde Ne Dani Baba Ranjit Singh (Dhadrianwale) 137:45 2,127