Sikhism through Songs of Guru - Volume 2 - Side III

Sikhism Through the Songs of the Gurus

Polydor LP
Record Number 2488-138, 9(2)
and 2488-139

The album LP has two Volumes (four sides in all)

Script, Narration, Commentary, Written by Sardar Khushwant Singh

Songs (hymns, Gurbani) by:-
Smt. Tilli
Smt. Kamla
Bhai Piara Singh and Party
Bhai Gurmukh Singh and Party
Ranjit Singh Johar

Commentary and Narration Spoken by:-
Nirmala Matthan
Khushwant Singh
Virendra Luther

Recording Produced by:-
Virendra Luther

Project Sponsored by:-
Guru Gobind Singh Foundation

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