Harmandir Sahib Hukamnama-Ang 607

Sorath mehalaa 4 |
Sathguru Raamdaasjee Maharaj speaks to us about true love today and Sathguru jee says,

Har sio preeth anthar man baedhiaa har bin rehan n jaaee |
Those people whose mind is baedhiaa - pierced right through the middle. What does that mean? Someone who is pierced right through the middle, it means someone whose core, whose whole being, whose whole world is focused on one thing - that is true love - that being is pierced completely. Sathgurujee says that person who has preeth anthar - within their man - their mind becomes pierced through with that One thought, that One love, that true love for har sio - for Waheguru jee, for akal purakh. What is the nishaanee, what is the sign of true love? Sathguru patshahjee says har bin rehan n jaaee - we cannot live, we cannot find peace, cannot survive without Waheguru - that is what true peace, true love, true prem is. Sathguru jee goes on further to explain this:

Jio mashulee bin neerai binasai thio naamai bin mar jaaee |1|
Like the fish bin neerai binsai - dies without water, it doesn't matter what you give the fish if the fish doesn't have water it will die, thio naamai bin mar jaaee - in the same way that gurmukh piaaraa who is attached to Waheguru dies without the name of Waheguru, that person will perish. So sathguru patshahjee is saying that whatever you give to a gurmukh piaaraa when they are doing meditation if ridhi sidhi comes - occult spiritual powers, kingdom, money or wealth or anything else the gurmukh piaarae do not settle for these things, their aim is to always merge in with Akaal Purakh because they have that preeth within.

Maerae prabh kirapaa jal dhaevahu har naaee |
O my Waheguru, O my lord, O my prabhu, my God kirapaa jal dhaevahu - please bless me with Your kirpaa - Your grace and bless me with the water, of what? Of har naaee - only that water which can put out my thirst, nothing else can quench this thirst. Just like Sathguru patshah in the next few lines is going to give the example of a chaatrik - which is a cuckoo hawk of Punjab and also you can see in some of the rest of northern India and the cuckoo hawk cries out, Sathguru Patshahjee goes on to explain this later on. Maerae prabh kirapaa jal dhaevahu har naaee - give me the water of Your Name.

Ho anthar naam mangaa dhin raathee naamae hee saath paaee | rehaao |
Anthar - deep within me, sathguru Patshahjee is saying that not just on top, sometimes on top we say, O give me naam, give me this but really inside we are asking for other things. But gurujee is talking about a state of being here - an avaasthaa where from outside and within we are only mangaa - only begging for the name of god dhin raati - day and night. Naamae hee saath paaee - because only through name will we find true peace. Because those people, those gurmukh pyaare - they've realized that they can only find shaanti - they can only find true peace through the name, through Waheguru and we haven't come to that realization yet because the blind follow illusion of maya. Still within our eyes we think we can find peace in material endeavors and pleasures, but no! This is what the Gurmukh pyaaree have realized that the only way of shanti is through the True Name, through Waheguru jee's naam, bani and simran. Rehaao - Gurujee says pause and think about this. Now gurujee comes to the line where they are going to mention the chaathrik,

Jio chaathrik jal bin bilalaavai bin jal piaas n jaaee |
Like the cuckoo hawk jal bin - without water bilalaavai - cries out. Bin jal piaas n jaaee - without water the thirst cannot be quenched. Even amongst the water the chaathrik is waiting for the swanti boond - a special rain drop for which it waits for with the mouth open, looking up to the skies. In the times before the monsoons these cuckoo hawks are heard crying out and some people say that the cry that they cry out is quite shrill, quite touching and sounds like piaa kahan - where is my beloved? So as they are waiting for their swanti boond - for their special raindrop they are crying out and this is the jal bin bilalaavai - that cry which is gurujee is talking about here. In the same way the gurmukh pyaare are crying out for that naam. Through the grace of god they are crying out for God because they've come to that ultimate realization that only through that will they find peace.

Guramukh jal paavai sukh sehajae hariaa bhaae subhaaee |2|
Facing towards the guru, following the guru, becoming gurmukh that gurmukh piaaraa jal paavai - finds that water, is blessed with that raindrop. Sukh sehajae - goes into peace and a state of ultimate sehaj - poise and balance. Hariaa bhaae subhaaee - through the love of Waheguru, through the love of lord, through the love of lord that gurmukh piaaraa - his mind, body and soul blossoms forth.

Manamukh bhookhae dheh dhis ddolehi bin naavai dhukh paaee |
Those people who follow their mind, they are always bhookhae - they are always hungry, they are always looking for more. Dheh dhis ddolehi - they look in ten directions and they are always full of doubt. Bin naavai dhukh paaee - they still haven't realized that the naam is what will give us peace and bin naavai - without the naam all they find is pain.

Janam marai fir jonee aavai dharagehi milai sajaaee |3|
They janam - they are born and then they marai - they die and fir jonee aavai - then they are born again. Dharagehi milai sajaaee - the manmukhs, Sathguru patshahjee says, in the court of the lord they are given punishment.

Kirapaa karehi thaa har gun gaaveh har ras anthar paaee |
If god bestows His Kirapaa - His grace upon us thaa - only then har gun gaaveh - we can sing Waheguru jee's praises, god's praises. Har ras anthar paaee - we can find the ras - the love of god within us, that anand of god, that bliss of god blossoming forth within us, within our very soul.

Naanak dheen dhaeiaal bheae hai thrisanaa sabadh bujhaaee |4|8|
Waheguru jee has become dhaeiaal - become merciful upon the dheen - the lowly, Sathguru Patshahjee is saying. Thrisanaa sabadh bujhaaee - in this merciful state Waheguru jee has bujhaaee - has quenched all of the thrisanaa - all of the desires and all of the fire of desire within through the sabadh. Sathgurujee is instructing us that only through the shabad, only through the naam will we find the peace that we are looking for.
With Sathguru Raamdaasjee's grace may we also come to this realization and that our outwards ardaas may also be that ho anthar naam mangaa dhin raathee naamae hee saath paaee.

Kirapaa karehi thaa har gun gaaveh har ras anthar paaee |
Naanak dheen dhaeiaal bheae hai thrisanaa sabadh bujhaaee |4|8|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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