Guru Bin Guth Nahin

 Guru Bin Gatt Nahe – Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Lecture in Punjabi

Malaysia, 1977

NOTE:  Please excuse us for any omissions, mistakes or misinterpretations while completing the interpretation. The following script is more of an interpretation and not a word for word translation.


The people in the lower caste had some kind of festival.

There was a pig and the lower caste people were trying to catch him, they were running around after him with a stick.

 We were watching them, THEM trying to kill the pig, but they chased him for an hour. 

So I asked my grandfather what is the point of chasing him for an hour and then killing him, why couldn’t they kill him ahead of time.

While we were watching this, there was a guy running after the pig with a spear trying to kill it, so I was wondering in my mind why are the low class people running after him?

I felt really bad why they are chasing him, what kind of game is that!

That you are running with a spear after this pig, why you made him suffer, why not just kill him once. 

The pig is suffering so much from these spears being thrown at him, and now he is pinned up by his front legs and hind legs, as to crucify him.

Now he is burning in a fire and they are laughing at him while he screams.  People are watching and they are laughing.  While they are laughing, he was burning. 

The pig  is dead now, and I said to my grandfather, this lesson is very precious, even if I go to sleep at night I would be thinking about this.

I have to read Kirtan Sohila twice because what I saw today is beyond words and will make it very difficult for me to sleep.

My grandfather was like a saint, and he chanted a lot, and he said let me tell you something. 

Now I tell you, he was sikh in his past life.  While he was burning in the fire pit, and dying I was reciting Japji Sahib. 

In his previous life, he cheated with Guru!

That is why he was punished.  He betrayed Guru’s Reht (Rehat) and placed ill will in other’s minds about the Guru, against the Guru. 

All the people that are sitting here watching him burning, they were in the other life, trying to praise the Guru, and he was the leader and he mislead them.  Now THEY are those that are laughing at him. 

Now this is how they took revenge, by burning him in the fire and laughing at him, because he mislead them.

Because the Hukam was given to me, before this happened, I have to be here to recite Japji Sahib and be a witness to make sure his karmas were cleansed. 

Because he was a good Sikh at one time and did seva for Guru, and Guru Nanak wanted to make sure his bad karmas were deleted.

I was scared watching it and I was chanting Waheguru, Waheguru;

While both of us were chanting, his soul surrendered to Waheguru.

I’m asking my grandfather:  Now that all his bad karmas are deleted what is the next step?

He will be reborn in some Sikh family, because of his good deeds.

Oh my goodness this is happening. 

(notation of the translator- Siri Singh Sahib now begins a new story)

Mom, do you know where your so and so friend lives in this village.  You never went to see her you haven’t seen her for a while just take me with you while we go see her. 

My mata ji said, if I haven’t seen my friend for the longest time, why should I take you.  No, no, I really want to see your friend.

You should go visit her.

Ok we will go in the morning. 

Then, we got ready and we were ready to go the next day.

 And then I said mom why don’t you ask their daughter in law if she is pregnant. 

What’s wrong with you!   You bring me here, and now you want me to ask the daughter if she is pregnant.

Its ok I will tell you about it.  Yes, we just finished 120 days of path and the daughter in law is pregnant 120 days.  We were taught that 120 days after the woman is impregnated, the soul comes in the body of the child.

Mother, tell them they will have a boy. 

No, no I can’t say that, is that some kind joke? What if a girl is born!

The whole world can have daughters, but this house will have a boy!  That is for definite, mom why don’t you say it. 

No, no why don’t you say it.

So  I said with a stutter,  “your older son is going to have a son. “  The grandmother, went inside to get me a handful of panjeere prashad (dry prashad). 

I can still taste in my mouth, it was so yummy!  

Maharaj blessed him with such a beautiful son whatever I said it happened.

I am amazed that the son is so handsome, so lucky and radiant for the family. 

Whatever I said it happened. 

How did you know a boy will be born?

I never told you.  If you don’t tell everyone I will tell you what happened.

What is the secret, if I tell everyone the dead pig will be born in their house as a son, they will almost go crazy.

We will not ask them or tell them.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” mata ji keeps saying, “don’t tell anyone.” 

After 40 days of birth, they had a path at their home, mata ji purposely took me to another village so I wouldn’t tell the truth.  Time:  6:30

This is not the only lifetime you have. 

Don’t think it doesn’t matter if you cut your beard.

If you are shaving your face, our cut your beard, you are creating bad karma, as a Sikh you are the root cause of your karma.  Time 6:39

You are not just cutting your hair; you are cutting your connection from Waheguru. 

By doing this you are hurting yourself, by not having guru grace!

You are only hurting yourself by doing that.

The hairs aren’t going to say anything to you!   The hairs have no emotions. 

YOU have the connection with God, by cutting your hair you are disconnecting your connection from Guru.

For 6 dollars you can buy a bottle of alcohol.   Now if your bottle is open and your receipt is torn no one will buy the alcohol, you can’t get your money back. 

How can you go in front of the mirror and shave your face. 

Your hair is the Guru’s stamp, and you stand in front of the mirror and you remove it yourself, how could YOU have the Guru’s grace. 

And then we say Guru please give us grace, god please give us the connection!

How can you get the connection when you already cut the connection from Waheguru. 

He would love to give you his stamp. 

Look at all the bibiya who have love for fashion, hair and makeup, then they get aged and think about how to attract their husband and they can’t attract the husband anymore because they have no hair and can’t cover up with makeup and then they turn to using black magic. 

In the old times, there was a myth, if the woman braids her hair with two braids she would then have TWO husbands, so they insisted for you to have only one braid.  

Nowadays, the women open their hair and they have 37,000 hairs.   How can you be attracted to that! 

Who can explain it to them? 

Have you ever thought about it?   What is your end result going to be?

Antar gur aaraadhna jihva jap gur naao|| netree satgur pekhNaa srvnee sunNaa gur naao|| satgur setii ratiaa dhrgeh paae-iiaai ttaao|| kaho Naanak Kirpaa kare jis no eh vath dheei||jag mahi outam kaaddi-ahi virle ke-ie kee||  (slok Mehla 5-rehras Sahib)

You rarely have done any good deeds and then you are born in a Sikh’s house.  Why?

Lakh kotan kot me tap kare tap ahari, man man mar kee, pae kise mer ki niyai taho kise guru ke ||

After so many good deeds you have done Jaap and Taap and then you have come to this lifetime. 

You come to America you think you got everything, but NO, EVERYTHING is Gurka Prasad.

If you go wash someone’s clothes, do Seva for someone and then chase them all day then they teach you a small vidya. 

And after going to university for 13-14 years then you get a decent job. 

And then you have a business and then you spend 10 years or more and then you will marry off your son, and buy a car.

This is only for this world, not the next; this is only for this lifetime, what about the next life time. 

Everyone goes to buy grocery, but have you ever thought of doing a true purchase (Sacha Sauda) with the highest consciousness.  What you do for this! 

 You think you will go to America and there are 2-3 hundred thousand American Sikhs and Yogi ji has some mantra powers to convert all these people to Sikhs.  Time:  9:37 

People in America also are very sad , as well as depressed, they  as well run after fashion. 

But they don’t eat that much.  The Bibiya in India eat very much, but in America they don’t eat that much.

I can’t believe it how this people are suffering; they are suffering so much, they are mentally sick!

So they put them in the fancy cars, they put a seat belt and they bring them.

I wonder about this, this is such a wealthy country, the come with a long shinny Cadillac with two people opening the door, and then they bring this crazy man who look like a monkey, but he is crazy, and they bring him to me and they say Yogi Ji HELP US. 

Then I couldn’t believe it over and over and I can even see my reflection in the car, we give him this fancy car so we can bring him around so here we are. 

This crazy man was jumping back and forth on the couch and by Guru Ram Das’ grace, he is well now. 

Now he is doing well in business!

I ask the monkey how are things going and he says I’m doing well!  Maharaj really blessed me. 

People ask, why shouldn’t we cut the hair, when the world is cutting hair. 

The university professor asked me why not cut the hair?  You look very fashionable!  

He looked so fashionable wearing his shorts, so I also wear my shorts and he say where we are going now. 

Let’s go play badminton, but if you play it makes you tired very easy, after 4-5 games we got tired, what should we do now, let’s go walk on the beach. 

So we started walking by the ocean step by step, step by step, we walked for 5 miles,

Then we got to the park then we started swimming and came out and 

Now its evening and it’s time for Rehras, he said what we will do now, and I said you sit here and I will do Rehras Sahib. 

While I was doing Rehras Sahib he was sitting watching me. 

Then he asked how are we going to go back, with a car, no we will walk back,

We walked back so we got home, then he got really tired, I said really I was also with you. 

I gave him the wooden comb even though you don’t have much hair, but try it anyway!

Go ahead comb your hair backwards, what will do this to me, try it anyway. 

Ok I combed my hair, now what do I do.

Go back to the bathroom and wash your face with cold water and come back. 

Then he came back where are we going to do now.

How do you feel? I feel fresh.

We aren’t going anywhere, here come sit down. 

Now imagine you did this with 3 feet of your hair, and it made you feel fresh, and I have 6 feet of hair I have energy to walk again. 

With the wooden comb I made my jura and now I can do the whole routine again.

Because that’s how fresh I feel. 

God had given us the grace so that man can never get tired. 

Electric magnetic field is the core rational mega storage for the body.14:18

Human being has no physical protection.

Your skin is not like a hippopotamus, or a donkey you cannot hit anybody.

The only way man can be saved is to bring his consciousness to the highest level

So he can see what the future will bring. 

He can protect himself if he has his intuition, if he has highest vision/intuition (drip drishti)

so you can see by looking in your visions what will happen next

so the crow doesn’t tell him that you will have a guest to your home

your highest consciousness will tell you, you will have a guest in your home. 

6th sense can say there is some good company coming to your home. 

So he can feel it from inside, so then he can tell by his brain;

so as mankind if we can bring our consciousness, we can take it also to the lowest possible level, and be worse than animal, 1 million consciousness

So now let’s talk about other religions, from Muslims to Christians all of their prophets and all of them have long hair and open beard. 

Someone asked to Ravinder Nath Tagore, someone wrote a letter to you saying you found the god, so When you saw god what did you do?

Out of fear I threw all my scissors into the ocean!

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, did not enforce this on you. 

Saying that you have to keep the beard on or your hair on,

Jab lag Khalsa rahe niyara|| Tab lag Tej Deeu mein sara|| Jab jeh gehe bipran ki reet|| Mein na karhon in kee parteet||


The guru given you grace by making you a Sikh!  Made you a lion but you are acting like sheep.  

Lion is the kind of animals who is over all animals, he rules, lion can also kill snakes, elephants, and hippopotamus.  

By god’s grace he given you the body, he given you the mind, by having control over your animal instinct you become the lion and become the Sikh. 

Bibi, you live as a woman as a Kaur, like a queen or princess of Guru Gobind Singh because your last name is Kaur. 

So now these women are having their hairs shaved and cut and dress like whore, wearing these half naked clothes. 

Now they come and “sell”-show their bodies and they come in and say they are daughters of a Sikh and what kind of Sikh is that. 

In America they want to become an Amrithari they want to become a Sikh, and I told them it’s a big thing. 

It’s a beautiful thing our master gave us, such a beautiful form, if some child wanted to take Bana.

The bana the one Guru Gobind Singh has given to you. 

There are Hundred thousand bibiye look over there (in America) how many women look so beautiful in the camps, how they carry themselves as a Sikh. 

Proud to be Sardarni Sahiba, Sardarni Premka Kaur Khalsa, minister of Sikh Dharma.

Proud to be Sardarni Sahiba Sat Simran Kaur Khalsa.

Because they consider Guru Gobind Singh as their father, not only as their father, but as their Guru. 

He is also our prophet. 

If you are growing up in the US you have to think about what is your future.  19:01

Dorangi chode korang hoja

You have to choose one or the other. 

If you cannot follow the strict principles of Sikhism then you can become a Buddhist.

You can become a Muslim or you can go to church to become a Christian. 

It is not a requirement you have to come to the Gurdwara and eat Langar till you are bloated. 

Dorangi chode korang hoja|| Sara sar mom hoja, yah sang hoja ||  


Just choose one way. Don’t keep your feet in two boats, then you will not get your goal.

These things are not good, what you are doing.  I am telling you as a friend that’s it. 

Hajara sal nargis apni benoori peh roti hai, badhi mushkil se hota he chaman me didavar peda||

The man is doing a thousand year tapasiya (meditation) then he could be a Sikh of the Guru.

If you meet the Guru, or the Guru come meet you, it is such a beautiful thing. 

You don’t have the value of Guru, you found the Guru so easily that you now run after devils/evils.

You don’t have value.

Only thing you will eat is two rotiya, and you can’t even digest two rotiya. 

I went to Canada to see, lots of people came with me, I also have family there.

I went to visit and went to ask him, teach your kids some discipline what to eat and what not to eat.

He said why do you think we came here, we came to eat what ever we enjoy to eat.

Ok, do what you want, you will see what will happen then.

They are bringing the juice, orange juice, the eggs, after a few years they were so fat they couldn’t get through the door. 

They were so fat, they were like a child of an elephant,

then they were 4 months in a hospital and then 4 months at home, because they were so fat. 

So they all got in a plane and came to Los Angeles, so they came in the parade, they came in a taxi,

He asked why did you not send the car, why did you send the taxi?

Because the car will break, this is the lesson I was going to teach you, these cars are for humans not for elephant kids. 

Then we feel like god gave us a grace to come to Canada, now we came to you so you can bless us. 

I came to you couple of months ago to tell you that is not good.  Now you are asking for blessings, you come touch my feet.  Don’t come ask my blessing.

I have three girls it doesn’t look like they will get married and 1 son and you saw how fat his stomach is its ready to explode. 

They were in such bad condition, now thank you for brining me these elephant kids, and explaining this to me. 

Now I’m giving you all the 4 kids now please take care of them. 

As long as you are here I will not be able to take care of them, so go away, thank you for bringing them to me now I will take care of them. 

Let’s see what god’s grace will make happen. 

They were so round; So round you cannot imagine how they were looking

you couldn’t see where their nose ears, eyes were, because they were like balloons.

I sent the 4 elephants kids to a place to come back looking like a deer. 

Next day they waoke up and they were so hungry, there was nothing but tree leaves to eat.

there was only water to drink. 

I said NO no go ahead drink some cold water

no we are really hungry, no, no go drink water.

They said what will it help.

it will help some, so go ahead drink some cold water. 

They kept them for 5 months locked up and they only had water. 

After 5 months we can tell- eyebrows they have, nose they have, ears they have, they looked like human beings. 

Nowadays, women are constantly plucking their eyebrows, and they don’t understand why Maharaj gave you eyebrows. 

They keep plucking at them. 

Now they make them very thin lines.  What the heck is wrong with you!

That is not what IT is for. 

This where the tenth Vegas nerves is!  That is how your brain works. So it will not be confused.  24:18

Left side and right side, they are the protection walls, don’t pick at them they are there to PROTECT you.

Think! Think!

Think properly! 

You CANNOT think properly until you have proper eyebrows. 

When the Romans were around as punishment for women they would lock them up and they would fully pluck their entire eyebrows, so they don’t start thinking. 

So they can’t think straight. 

Since THEN this has been around. 

If you do that, you stop thinking; once you pluck you can’t think anymore. 

Now what is this fashionable thing, the first person the second person is doing, the 3rd person, the 4th, what is that, think about it.   25:30------

The kids stayed with us for six-7 months and made them run, and run, lots of exercise.  Everything went well. And then they drove them home.  Now I think it’s in the hands of god’s grac.  They can have beans and roti, but whole wheat roti. The prescription I gave them, they can only have one meal a day for next six months, they can give them a whole wheat roti with salt in it, yogurt and a glass a milk, that is what they should feed them every day.

If they don’t follow the instructions for the next six months, we will bill them for the full expense 25,000 rupees.

Normally if someone send us an elephant son that is how much we charge them 25,000 dollars.  Because you are gur sikh and your son is the son of a gursikh, that is why it was free for you.  Until the day today, the still only eat dry roti with yogurt , they eat them and enjoy them.

For the whole life they couldn’t eat anything else because when they were fat they overstressed their glands and they couldn’t secrete.  If they restart eating as they did beofre they will get fat again.    

This body is gods temple, where God Lives, even the Devitas worship this body, this is not a small thing.  God has lent you this body to chant God. Think of this body as god’s gift.

Sabath Surat Rabaki Bhane beimann

It is not a human trait! You think the English are so smart, I don’t agree with you. The English people are not smart, they are so depressed.  What the heck do you think they do yoga, did someone sent them a letter.

These white people they have no option. That is why they follow these yogis do you think the horns are attached to their head.  They have no other way to see that. The reason they follow is their mind is out of control. They cannot stay still.  One man came to me and they told me that this guy is a president of some company. 

If someone tells the president of the US to stand on one leg he would stand on one leg.

Why is this man here, this man can’t sleep at night. He can’t sleep at night because he worries about the world.  Now we treated him, I told him to do Kirtan Sohila at night now he start sleeping . 

28:41 it’s not my fault people don’t do Kirtan Sohila at night, how come they don’t do Kirtan Sohila at night. 

Because god has worshipped with this gift of Kirtan Sohila and you don’t do it:

28: 50                      Tusa Dhat mey Dhat Ko Dhat nehi Janate, Asi Kamjat ko dohajan na keheye

If they don’t consider Dhat as a gift then think about the person in a bigamous marriage who is married to two people at the same time, how they can be loyal, how is that possible

29:02                       that is why keep in mind

Janni Janne Ta Bhagat Jann, Keh Data keh Soor ||

Nahi Ta Janni Banj Rahe, Kahe Gawave Noor||

If the mother cannot give birth to a child that means she is barren. 

So what the heck is the need to give birth to all of these unnecessary kids. 

If you are not going to give birth to a Sant (the one chanting lords name) then go ahead and give birth to kittens or adopt kittens.

Go ahead and keep raising them in today’s world.  Keep one thing in mind what I said:  in 25-30 years that is when Guru Nanaks yug will start, 2011.  This is not just ANYTHING. Now we are in 1977 and in 2011 is 36 years.  4 billion years mankind has been around.  Then for 4.2 billion of you are born by god’s grace, and god forbid nothing happen in 4.4 billion people are going to be born in 36 years.  That means in 2011 if you didn’t die, by then you would have 8.8 billion people on this earth.

And after that if there is anyone who is going to be born according the sticks either half will be mental or half will be disabled.  If they pick up their hand, they will drop their arm, if they want to pick up their arm they would drop their leg. 

That means 2.1 billion people will be in human bodies but they are actually evil spirits (demons). 

Why the hell you think they are wearing their dastars, their khandas and Kirtan and chanting Waheguru Waheguru , is not meaning less.  Because they know it.

If you think I did black magic on them, even I do  not like to talk to them. Run away from me.  And if someone come to me and I kick them off like a football to the “third floor”, and I tell them there is no space for you. 

31:25 you have no meaning to come here, do not come here, you have no Sikhi, if you do not follow Sikhi strictly it is much better you go to church or go to the masjid  (mosque) and worship Allah and do namaz. 

31:43 Why you make dirty these floors better you go away. 

31:47 They wake up in the amrit vela take ishnan with cold water and chant Waheguru Waheguru,  WHY, because they have no other choice and knew there is no other reason for living. 

31:56   Still you are running after new fashions,

yesterday in the Malaysian hotel, I met a person I said Richard why all these (Punjabi Sikh) ladies are make themselves up so much in one night (wearing makeup). Then Richard said, not just tonight, they have been doing this for the past 10 years. 

32:07 But you have not seen the result of these ladies, if I took all these people to America and show them the white sikh people then again they would start to follow their old Sikhi rules.

32:22 To leave your own tradition and Guru’s tradition, to stop following the true path, and start following the bad culture, is this a wiser thing. 

32:35 See if you find any road from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, then you would reach Bangkok by that road, if you follow these foolish peoples then what will be the result (by your own hand). 

32:49 they have divorce Every day, they fight every day, they have trouble in families every day, they drink wine every day, the lady ran away with another man, and the man runs away with another woman, and they have half children and this is my half dad, and my ¾ (three fourths) step dad and my two by one mother. 

33:10 What does it matter to me, you do whatever you want, if you want to cut your hair, then I say even if you tear off your skin, you are not doing any favor for me, even if you clean shave your head, it does not matter to me.

33:29  I say the same thing in America, the 2.5 million foolish people are living here, if you want to join with them, you can! I am not responsible for all of you. 

33:40 They are without Guru, so what to say to a person that is without Guru.  Then he will follow his mind, he will not follow Guru.  Because he thinks that would be good for him.

The person who follows Guru, he loves to follow Guru. And if you follow Guru, then you will attach yourself to God.

These all bad karmas would put you back into the cycle of the 8.4 million creations and with all these words please forgive me if you find anything good then tie it to yourself and if you think I said anything wrong, then keep living in your fashion, but remember one thing,

34:15 Without Guru you cannot go forward.  If you want to be respected and if you want to be wiser, then follow the instruction of Guru.

And if you stand in two boats, you wear a turban and show up as a Sikh and not doing anything and not maintain the Rehat, and promote yourself as a Singh, we are Singh, but don’t know how to read Japji Sahib. 

If you show off your money, and someone comes to me and I said I made this Gurdwara,

I said OK, then who made Guru.  Then he said Guru is Guru, no one made Guru.

Then I said the one that can make a Gurdwara, can make the Guru.  Its better you made a Guru of wood in the Gurdwara, then it’s much better I follow you then why do I follow Guru Nanak for so many years. 

If you can build the Guru Dwara, then one thing is clear, then he said “No Yogi Ji, I gave money for Gurdwara.” 

Then I asked him from where this money came did your father make a money making machine, he said “I earned it”.

35:29   Then WaheGuru gave you a little money, from that money he took for Gurdwara Seva from you, So say thanks to  WaheGuru. And don’t be egotistical.  Why are you feeding your ego, stay stable! 

He said “You got me wrong” I said I didn’t get your wrong, Listen, in past life you was a donkey, and listen the story of your past life. 

35:56  You was a donkey and a sadhu rode you, that’s why you are a human being in this life. 

36:07  That is why you are successful in this life, you have two sons and one daughter. 

He said “Yes”  and you had three sons who died , and he said “Yes” .  The three were with bad karma that is why they walk away from you.  And Listen next, Now your one leg will become limp .

When that Sadhu jump off of you, then you kicked him, that is why your one leg will become limp. 

And you can now see him, he lives in America and his one leg is missing.  Now he is crying I said this is the game of Karma; that is not the reason to become an egoist. 

36:45 That fakir gave you all the success in this life, otherwise you would not be able to earn one single dollar. 

36:52  And now he is asking for blessing, mercy.  Then I said Now your leg will not work because You hit a Sadhu so that is why your leg is limp.  If you spent all the money on your leg and it would start to work, then I will be your follower for my entire life. 

37:10 So he said “there is no solution” , I said  No and now go and show the people your limp and tell them never get ego on WaheGurus gifts. 

37:21  I said I told you five years ago, don’t be proud of God’s gift

Jisnu Deve Sift Salah Nanak Patishahi Patishah

And now humans do not remember!  They are more advanced than animals, and they forget! And now all the rich and poor people, all people of different backgrounds, come to Guru Ram Das Ashram and do chanting for one hour. 

38:00  And with Guru’s blessing and Guru’s grace they all become Sikh,  I never told anyone to wear a turban or be a Sikh.  And I never tell anyone what is the Sikh faith. 

In the sitting of Guru hazoori no one can tell me that I pressured someone to wear a Turban or be a Sikh. 

No one can say this! 

Only one thing they came in Ashram in Amrit Vela fully dressed up, and they give Dasvanth to Guru Ji. 

In 24 hour, 2 and half hour is Dasvanth and they sit in easy pose and close their eyes and keep doing their chanting.  If somebody die, then you cry a lot a lot, then no one can say you are crying on a dead body.  Then when you come to Gurdwara, then why do you not chant. Is  your tongue dry? 

38:57   Today I will tell you what is simran,  Why we are doing Waheguru WaheGuru like we are mentally sick, so I tell you what is the main reason why we are doing Simran.

What is the Reason, what is the effect on us, I will tell you.

However long this lady chants,  just follow her and chant.  This is our relationship otherwise we have no other relation without Guru.

What we have with you, you are Malaysian citizens, and we are American citizens and we enjoy living in US, we give money to the world, and they survive on our money.  What are we to each other? 

We did not come here to see your beautiful faces, in America there are many more beautiful faces to see.  We came here, because from the time of Guru Nanak there is Sikhi (in Malaysia). 

You look after your body parts, so that is why we came here, because this was the order of panth you have to travel to all these countries, and you have to find out where is what kind of Sikhi. 

Then I said I will tell you very clearly after coming.  We did not announce and we did not publish, Sant is coming over here.  In Sikhi there is no Sant.  We ALL are Sant.

This is the Grace of Guru Nanak.  Who follows Guru he does not need to follow anybody. 

Then Akal Purakh WaheGuru bless him.  That is why Guru’s bani is Gurbani, to make you as the Gurus.  When we speak Gurbani, then we speak same as the Fifth Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji Patishah speak. 

And when you speak through your lips, it is the same as Guru Arjan Dev Ji speak.  And that same time, however long you speak Gurbani is the same as Guru Arjan Dev Ji. 

And we all are doing different things, I do not count any of your bad Karma, and we all cannot be as Guru Arjan Dev ji,  but at the same time, that lips, that tongue, that throat are in motion as my fifth Sahib Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji. 

And when it happens, when Guru Arjan Dev ji comes through this body and talks to Nirakar WaheGuru and this is the specialty of Gurbani. 

Last night I was talking about offering your Prana, this is havan, but in this havan you don’t offer ghee or other things, In this Simran we offering the Prana

Pavan Guru Pani Pita

Pa e  va na U   Pavan







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