English Hukamnama Katha - Ang 905


Raamakalee mehalaa 1 ||
Sathiguru Nanak Jee Sahib is blessing today with this shabad -

A(n)thar outhabhuj avar n koee ||
Sathiguru Nanak Paatshah Jee says that there is no avar, no other who created this world. Outhabhuj in this sense, in this shabad means everything that was created. Everything that was created Waheguru, has come from within You. O God, You have created this whole universe.

Jo keheeai so prabh thae hoee ||
Jo keheeai - whatever is to be said, whatever you can say, whatever you can name; so prabh thae hoee - all of that is created by God. Everything you see with your eyes, and that which we cannot see, but which does exist; all of that is created by Waheguru.

Jugeh juga(n)thar saahib sach soee ||
Waheguru is not here just for the span of a few years, or a few lifetimes, or a few centuries. Jugeh juga(n)thar - throughout all of time and during all of time, there is only one eternal sach, the eternal truth of Waheguru. He Who is The Saahib, Who is The Master of all of this universe. Throughout all of that time, The eternal Waheguru is The one that will remain.

Outhapath paralo avar n koee ||1||
There is no other who outhapath - who creates; paralo - who destroys. Waheguru is The one Who creates, Waheguru is The one Who destroys; it's all in God's hands. Creation and destruction are all in the hands of Waheguru. No one else can create or destroy. When Baba Gurbachan Singh Jee interprets these lines, does katha of these tukkaan, they say that outhapath - all of those thoughts that are arising up in our heart, all of those desires and ego, paralo - Waheguru is The one Who destroys them. So gurmukh piaareyo, Waheguru is The one Who can creates everything, He is The one Who can take away. It is not in the hands of any human being.

Aisaa maeraa t(h)aakur gehir ga(n)bheer ||
Such is my t(h)aakur, my Lord. Gehir - means deep, ga(n)bheer - means profound. Such is my deep and profound Lord Waheguru. My Waheguru is deeper than any ocean, my Waheguru is profound in anything on this Earth, and anything within any of the universes.

Jin japiaa thin hee sukh paaeiaa har kai naam n lagai jam theer ||1|| rehaao ||
Jin japiaa - those people who have japiaa, who have meditated upon The Name of God; thin hee sukh paaeiaa - those people have received true happiness, sukh. Har kai naam - those people who are attached, who meditate upon and experience The Name; n lagai jam theer. Naam is a very profound experience. Naam begins from reciting the Name of God with your tongue. Naam talks about all those stages, from reciting with your tongue to when the recitation of God's name happens throughout each body part. Gurbani talks about these stages. But today, whilst talking about this Hukamnama, we're going to just touch upon that very lightly. Har kai naam - those people that have this experience of Naam, those people that walk upon this pathof meditation with the tongue, and when that recitation of Naam happens throughout the whole body, what happens? N lagai jam theer - they are not afflicted, they are not attacked by the theer, the harrows of jam, the messengers of death. Even death cannot attack them, even death can do nothing to them. Guru piaareyo, when we look at Guru Teg Bahadur Jee's saloks, Guru Sahib Jee tells us -

naam rehiou saadhhoo rehiou rehiou gur gobi(n)dh ||
                                               kahu naanak eih jagath mai kin japiou gur ma(n)th ||56||

Guru Teg Bahadur Jee Sahib says that The Naam will remain, The Guru will remain, and those people who meditate upon God's Name will remain. If you attach yourself to The eternal Waheguru, you will achieve eternity. What is the way of doing this? How can you attach to The eternal Waheguru? Through The eternal Naam, through The Satnaam. Har kai naam - if you have The Name of The Lord; n lagai jam theer - you will not be shot down by the arrows od death. Rehaao - pause and think about this.

Naam rathan heeraa niramol ||
This experience of Naam, this Name of God is rathan, is a diamond, is heera, is a jewel. Niramol, I cannot put a price on it, it's beyond all value.

Saachaa saahib amar athol ||
That Waheguru whose Name it is, That Waheguru is true, forever eternal. Saachaa saahib - The forever true Master. Amar - never dying, immortal. Atol - That Waheguru's greatness is immeasurable. Atol means who cannot be measured. The greatness of God cannot be measured by any human being.

Jihavaa soochee saachaa bol ||
That tongue becomes purified, which chants The Name of That saachaa Waheguru. Gurbani says this many times. there's another tukk from another shabad that says - naam kehath govi(n)dh kaa soochee bhee rasanaa || Your tongue can be purified by meditating upon The Name of God. Guru piaareyo, its very interesting when we look at this topic of succha, of purity. If we were to touch with our hand, our fingers, we would have to wash our hands before touching a pothi of Gurbani, before touching a pothi of Nitnem, or Sukhmani, or whatever Bani it was. This tongue is always joothhi, this tongue is always impure. But Guru Jee says your tongue can be purified by saying The Name of Waheguru, soochee bhee rasanaa, your tongue becomes pure.

Ghar dhar saachaa naahee rol ||2||
Those beings who have meditated upon The Name of Waheguru, in their ghar - in their hearts and upon their dhar - upon their tongues, they have that saachaa Waheguru. The Lord God dwells inside them. Naahee rol. Rol means to wander about, to be discarded, to be lost, to wander around aimlessly. Those beings never wander around aimlessly, they're never lost. Those who meditate upon The Name of God, they realise Waheguru inside them.

Eik ban mehi baisehi ddoogar asathhaan ||
Some people baisehi, some people go and sit in the ban - in the forest. Other people go and live in the ddoogar - in the mountains, the caves.

Naam bisaar pachehi abhimaan ||
But if they bisaar, if they forget The Name of God, all they are doing is pachehi - rotting in their abhimaan - in their ego. If I go and sit in the jungle, if I go and sit in a mountain, but I'm not meditating upon The Name of God, then what am I getting together? I'm only getting together my ego, I'm feeding my own ego. Forgetting The Name, not having that experience of meditating upon Naam, what does that do? It just leads to ego inside.

Naam binaa kiaa giaan dhhiaan ||
Guru Jee says without The Name of God, what type of giaan what type of knowledge is there? What type of dhhiaan, what type of concentration is there? Knowledge and concentration are onlybeautiful when they are attached to The Naam. That giaan and that dhiaan which is attached to The Naam is beauteous. But without The Naam, what is knowledge and what is concentration?

Guramukh paavehi dharagehi maan ||3||
Those people who follow the Guru at all times, who are guramukh; Guru Jee says paavehi dharagehi maan - they are honoured, in dharagehi - in the court of The Lord. Not by going and sitting in the forest or doing anything else to feed their ego, they follow The Guru and they get true knowledge and true concentration.

Hat(h) aha(n)kaar karai nehee paavai ||
Some people practise hat(h). Hat(h) can mean stubbornly trying to control your mind; hat(h) can also be starving the body to stop yourself from thinking certain things or to control the mind. Drowning the body, burning the body, or starving the body to try and control the mind. But even whilst starving the body, that person starts thinking that there is none as great as me. No one else can starve this body like me. Guru Sahib Jee says that even while doing your hat(h), even while doing your stubborn actions, aha(n)kaar karai - even then you're burning in ego. Nehee paavai - this is not the way of finding God.

Paat(h) parrai lae lok sunaavai ||
Guru Sahib Jee says even when you read religious scriptures, all you're doing is lok sunaavai - telling other people what to do. When you're reading the scriptures you're reading it out to other people, but you're not applying them to your own life, you're not thinking about your own life. Instead you tell others. This is not the way of reading the scriptures as Guru Sahib Jee tells us. What's Guru Sahib Jee saying? Guru Sahib Jee is saying that if you want to read religious scriptures, you should be reading them and looking inward, towards yourself.

Theerathh bharamas biaadhh n jaavai ||
Bharamas - wandering around at different places of pilgrimage will not take away your biaadh. Biaadh means disease, your inner diseases of ego, attachment, anger, desire, greed. They will not go by simply wandering from one place of pilgrimage to another.

Naam binaa kaisae sukh paavai ||4||
This is a crux. Naam binaa - Guru Jee says without The Naam, without meditating upon The Name of God; kaisai sukh paavai - how can you find peace? Only through The Naam can you find peace and happiness.

Jathan karai bi(n)dh kivai n rehaaee ||
Some people try many jathan, many efforts to control their lust. Bi(n)dh kivai n rehaaee, but they still cannot control their lust. When we talk about these different efforts, we're talking about efforts done without The Naam.

Manooaa ddolai narakae paaee ||
Manooaa ddolai - their minds are continually ddolai. Ddolai means to waver. Narakae paaee - in the end they fall into hell. Even while living, their life becomes like hell. When they die, their soul descends into hell, into the cycles of reincarnation.

Jam pur baadhho lehai sajaaee ||
They are baadhho, they gagged and bound down with the chains of their sins, the chains of all their desires and all their ego and greed. Lehai sajaaee - they are punished in that city of death.

Bin naavai jeeo jal bal jaaee ||5||
Again Guru Nanak Dev Jee Sahib says bin naavai - without The Name of God; jeeo jal bal jaaee - this soul is crying out, is being burnt with ego, greed, desires, anger, attachment. Again and again, Guru Sahib Jee is saying, without meditating upon The Name of God, there is no other way of finding peace.

Sidhh saadhhik kaethae mun dhaevaa ||
There are many sidhhs, many accomplished yogis who say we are sidhhs, we have controlled the powers of nature. Saadhhik, many people who trying to perform saadhnaas, ways of controlling themselves. Kathae mun dhaevaa, many different muni, many sages; dhaevaa, many demi-gods.

Hat(h) nigrehi n thripathaavehi bhaevaa ||
Many people try forcibly, nigrehi, to control their indriaan. Indriaan means your eyes, your tongue; so your taste, your listening, your seeing, your sexual desires. Some people say, if I can't stop my tongue from slandering, then I just won't speak for the next 10-15 years. If I cannot stop my eyes from looking at the bodies of others, I'll tie a blindfold over my eyes for the next 10-15 years. Maharaj Jee says n thripathaavehi bhaevaa. This will not take away the bhaevaa, the doubts inside you. This will not take away the anxiety, the sense of separation from God, all those desires and ego and anger. If we ask Guru Sahib, if we can't do it this way, how should we do it? Guru Nanak Dev Jee Sahib says -

Sabadh veechaar gehehi gur saevaa ||
In your mind, in your deep thoughts, in your every contemplation, in your veechaar, deep inside you in your consciousness, take the sabadh, The Guru's words. Think about The Guru's words again and again in your life. Try and apply them to yourself. With your tongue, repeat The Waheguru mantra again and again. All throughout your day, devote yourself to The Guur's sabadh. Gehehi - grab hold of with both your hands, gur saevaa - The Guru's saevaa, The Guru's service. How can you serve The Guru? Saevaa is everywhere you go you can be doing saevaa. Make your life saevaa, make your life serving humanity. In your mind, and upon your tongue, have The Guru's words, have the veechaar, the contemplation of The Guru's words. With both your hands, grab hold of saevaa. Do whatever saevaa, whatever selfless service you can get your hands on.

Man than niramal abhimaan abhaevaa ||6||
If you do this, Guru Jee says your man - your mind, and your than - your body will become niramal - will become purified. Abhimaan - ego will be abhaevaa - will be obliterated from inside you, will be taken away.

Karam milai paavai sach naao ||
Only if you're blessed with the karam, with the grace of God; then you paavai, you are blessed with The Name of The true Akaal Purakh Waheguru. Only through the blessings of God can you achieve the true state of Naam, where inside and out you are coloured in The Name of God. But how can you go about achieving this?

Thum saranaagath reho subhaao ||
If you go into the saranaagath, if you go into the protection of God. Guru Jee says I've come into your protection. Reho subhaao, and I stay here. Subhaao has been translated in many ways. Sampardaayee scholars say reho subhaao, make it your subhaa, your personality, or your traits and habits. Make it your habit to always put yourself mentally and spiritually in the protection of God. So wherever you're going, protect yourself with The Guru's words. Always think that you are in the protection of God. Professor Sahib Singh has split subhaao into two parts: su bhaao, which means true love, eternal love. I've come into your protection, because I want to fall in love with You, O God.

Thum thae oupajiou bhagathee bhaao ||
Only through Your grace can bhagathee bhaao, can loving devotion well up inside anyone.

Jap jaapo guramukh har naao ||7||
Guramukh means follow The Guru, dedicate your life to The Guru. Jap jaapo - mediate yourself, get others to meditate on har naao - upon The Name of God. What will happen if you do this?

Houmai garab jaae man bheenai ||
Houmai, your ego, your garab, your pride will jaae, will go. Man bheenai, your mind will be imbued completely in The Name of God, your mind will be drenched in the love of God's Name.

Jhoot(h) n paavas paakha(n)dd keenai ||
But Guru Nanak Dev Jee says that through jhoot(h), through falseness and through paakha(n)dd, through hypocrisy, you cannot find God.

Bin gur sabadh nehee ghar baar ||
Without The Guru's shabad, without meditating upon The Guru's Word, without meditating upon the Waheguru mantra, without listening to The Guru's Bani, without accepting The Guru's Bani, without practising what The Guru's Bani says; nehee ghar baar - you will never be able to find the ghar baar, the door of God.

Naanak guramukh thath beechaar ||8||6||
Sathiguru Nanak Dev Jee says that those people who follow The Guru, they've understood that this is the thath, this is the essence of all beechaar, of all knowledge. The essence of all knowledge is - Bin gur sabadh nehee ghar baar || Without The Name of God, you will not be able to find The Lord. Naanak guramukh thath beechaar - this is the essence, this is the true reality.

Bin gur sabadh nehee ghar baar ||
Naanak guramukh thath beechaar ||8||6||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.


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