English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 896

Raamakalee mehalaa 5 ||
Gurmukh piaareyo
, Guru Arjun Dev Jee is blessing us today with this shabad -

Jis kee this kee kar maan ||
Maan - accept. What do we have to accept? Jis kee - to whom belongs this whole world. To whom belongs all of the universe, to whom belongs your sareer, your body, to whom your mind belongs, to whom your soul belongs, to whom all your possessions really belong. This kee kar maan. Accept and know and realise that all of the possessions which you think are yours, all of the wealth which you think is yours, all of those products around you which you think are yours are not yours, they belong to Akal Purakh Waheguru. Your body, your possessions, your mind, all of your wealth belongs to Akal Purakh, not to anyone else.

Aapan laahi gumaan I I
Guru Arjun Dev Jee says take away, laahi - means to remove, to leave, aapan means your own, gumaan loosely translating to egostistical pride. Gumaan means that type of pride where we say this belongs to me, this happens because of me, all of that associated with ego. Guru Jee says take away your egotistical pride and realise that everything belongs to that Akal Purakh Waheguru. That your mind, body, soul is all Waheguru's.

Jis kaa thoo this kaa sabh koe I I
Don't just think you belong to God. This kaa sabh koe. That Waheguru Who has created you, this kaa sabh koe, everything belongs to That Waheguru. Sabh koe meaning everything. Jis kaa thoo - The One Who created you, The One Who created the whole world, and all the universes beyond the scope of our mind, beyond the understanding of our mind, all of that creation which we don't even know about, it all belongs to Akal Purakh. The planets we know about and those we don't know about, they all belong to Waheguru.

Thisahi araadh sadhaa sukh hoe I I
Gurmukh piaareyaa, if you give up your pride, your egotistical pride, then what should you do? Thisahi araadh. With humility araadh, meditate upon Waheguru. Sadhaa sukh hoe. If you want sadhaa sukh, happiness forever then meditate upon Waheguru. Guur Jee has put a great philosophy of Gurmat into those two words, sadhaa sukh. Maharaj Jee is telling us here that the sukh, the happiness, the joy of the world may last a day, or two days or a few months. The pleasure of having a new house wil last for a certain amount of time until that house gets old or something happens. The pleasure of a new car, all these pleasures of the world, they only last for a small amount of time, and they will all end. Guru Jee says if you want sadhaa sukh, if you want eternal peace, if you want eternal joy then thisahi araadh, meditate upon That Waheguru Who created everyone, Who created you and Who has created all the universes.

Kaahae bhram bhramahi bigaanae I I
Why are you wandering around bhramahi, in bhram, in doubt? Why do you have all these doubts in your mind? Why are you wandering further and further away from Waheguru? Bigaanae means someone who is a stranger. It's also been trasnlated as bigyaathaa. Bigyaathaa means the one who has no understanding, the one who is foolish, the one who has given up his gyaan, the one who has given up his wisdom. O you foolish stranger. Who is Maharaj saying we are a stranger to? Maharaj is saying that we are bigaanae, we are strangers to God. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj tells us this. Guru Jee says - sabh kish apanaa - the human being thinks everything belongs to him or her, the human being thinks this is all mine; eik raam paraaeiaa - apart from Akal Purakh Waheguru. Apart from God, we think all of these possessions belong to us. We think everything can help us out, can support us. But Gurmukh piaareyo, Guru Jee Guru Granth Sahib Jee tell us that the true support of the human being is Waheguru. The only eternal truth on this earth is God's Name. That was Guru Nanak Dev Jee's philosophy, Satnaam - the eternal truth is Waheguru Jee's Name. Why are you waandering around in doubts, why have you become a stranger to God?

Naam binaa kish kaam n aavai maeraa maeraa kar behuth pashuthaanae I 1 I
Without the Name of God, nothing will be of any use to you, kish kaam v aavai. Even in this world and the next world, whilst we are alive and when we physically die, The Name of God will be alight for us to light up the path. In this world when nothing else can help us, The Name of God can light up our path. Maeraa maeraa kar behuth pashuthaanae. Behuth - many people have come onto this earth and cried out maeraa maeraa - this belongs to me, this belongs to me in ego. Many kings have come, amny emperors have come. But in the end, Guru Jee says without The Name of God, behuth pashuthaanae, many of them have pashuthaanae, have regretted. They regret why didn't I meditate upon The Naam? I had a human life, why didn't I sit in the sangat? Why didn't I go and see The Guru? Why didn't I fall at the feet of The Guru? Why didn't I meditate? Why didn't I repeat The Name of God?

Rehaao I
Guru Jee says rehaao, pause and think about this.

Jo jo karai soee maan laehu I I
Jo jo - whatever Akal Purakh Jee karai - does. Soee maan laehu - accept that. Maan laehu means to accept that. This is one of the first steps which Guru Nanak Dev Jee has taught us. Kiv sachiaaraa hoeeai? How am I going to realise the truth? Kiv koorrai thuttai paal - how can I knock down the veil of illusion, the veil of falsehood. Hukam rajaaee chalanaa naanak likhiaa naal. Guru Jee says hukam rajaai chalanaa, walk in His will. Accept what Waheguru Jee does. But this philosophy is very hard to accept. Jo jo karai soee maan laehu - accept that. Why? Because -

Bin maanae ral hovahi khaeh I I
Bin maanae - if you do not accept what AKal Purakh does, if you do not accept Akal Purakh Jee's hukam, the will of Akal Purakh, ral hovahi khaeh - you'll become dust. Many of us may think what does this mean? Guru piaareyo, all of us are physically going to become dust one day. But those gurmukh piaarey who have accepted Guru Jee's hukam, who accepted the commands of The Guru, and who see everything that happens in God's Will, and they're happy in God's Will, those Guru piaarey's physical bodies may fall away, but they achieve immortality. Their true self, their soul becomes part of Akal Purakh, it merges back in, just like a drop in the ocean. They do not merge into the dust, they merge into The Creator.

This kaa bhaanaa laagai meethaa I I
Those Guru piaarey, those beloved gursikhs of The Guru, in whose mind the bhaanaa, the will of God, the command of God, whatever God does, seems meethaa, seems sweet; they are few and far between.

Gur prasaadh viralae man voothaa I I
This can only be achieved with the grace, the prasaadh of The Guru. The people that this happens to are viralae, few and aft between, they are precious jewels. Those people that accept the will of God, what happens? Man voothaa - Waheguru Himself comes and voothaa, abides within their mind, heart and soul.

Vaeparavaahu agochar aap I I
Waheguru Jee is vaeparavaahu. Vaeparavaahu means Waheguru Jee doesn't take into consideration anyone's plans. He has noone to care about, there is none that can say anything against Waheguru Jee's Will. Waheguru Jee does everything in complete carelessness. Agochar - Waheguru Jee is beyond our senses. Aap - Waheguru Jee Himself has been there since the beginning and will be there forever.

Aath pehar man thaa ko jaap I I
O my mind, O human being, jaap - meditate, aath pehar - 24 hours a day on That Aakal Purakh Waheguru Who is vaeparavaahu. Who is carefree, Who is agochar, Who is beyond our senses.

Jis chith aaeae binasahi dhukhaa II
That human being in whose chith, in whose conciousness Waheguru Jee comes, they remember Akal Purakh Waheguru at all times; binasahi dhukhaa - their pains are destroyed. Those who have their minds, their soul attached to the ocean of happiness and joy -Waheguru, they're never afflicted by pain.

Halath palath thaeraa oojal mukhaa I I
Halath - in this world; palath - in the next world, their mukhaa, their faces are oojal, their faces are blessed, their faces are radiant, glowing and shining.

Kaun kaun oudharae gun gaae I I
Maharaj Jee says how can I count? Kaun kaun, who who has been liberated, has been oudharae by gaae - singing the gun - the praises of Waheguru.

Ganan n jaaee keem n paae I I
Ganan means to count. Guru Arjun Dev Jee says there have been countless people who have been saved by singing Akal Purakh Jee's gun, by singing Akal Purakh Jee's praises. Keem n paae - I cannot estimate any value for those gurmukh piaarey who have meditated upon God, and that Akal Purakh who they have meditated upon. I cannot put any value upon them. They're priceless.

Booddath loh saadhasang tharai I I
Booddath means drowning. Maharaj Jee says even the drowning piece of metal can be saved in the saadhasangath, in the company of the holy, in the company of The Guru, in the company of The Guru's sangat, The Guru's congregation. Just like if a boat is sailing past, and there is a piece of metal drowning, someone picks up that metal and puts it on the boat. That piece of metal, even though it was drowning is saved by the boat. The saadhasangath is like this, The Guru's congregation is like this. Even though our mind may be drowning in desires, maybe drowning in ego, maybe drowning in hatred, maybe drowning in greed; but if we come into the sangat, The Guru will take us and save us, just like that drowning piece of metal.

Nanak jisahi paraapath karai I I
Sathiguru Arjun Dev Jee Maharaj Jee says that this is given to those, those receive this who have the blessings and the grace of The Guru. Those who receive this gift, what do they do? Those who receive this gift, those who go into the sangat, they aath pehar man thaa ko jaap, 24 hours a day, they meditate upon That Akal Purakh Waheguru.

Booddath loh saadhasang tharai I I
Nanak jisahi paraapath karai I I

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.


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