English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 891


Raamakalee mehalaa 5 |
Sathiguru Patshah Siri Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj is blessing us today. Guru Sahibjee begins the shabad,

Beej manthra har keerathan gaao |
Maharaj Sahibjee is saying that the beej - the seed of all mantars, the seed of all spirituality is to gao - is to sing the keertan of Hari, sing the praises of Hari, of Waheguru. Sing the praises - this is the seed of spirituality. If you want to put the seed of spirituality inside you then start singing the praises of Waheguru and the beej manthra - the seed of all mantars, Ik Oan Kaar Sathigur Prasadh - sing that mantar. What happens if you have this seed of spirituality within you?

Aagai milee nithaavae thaao |
Aagai - in the next world, nithaavae - even those who don't have a place in this world will find a place of rest in the next world.

Gur poorae kee charanee laag |
Laag - attach yourself to the charanee - to the lotus feet of the poorae guru - of the perfect Guru. What is that? Guru Gobind Singh jee tells us that, chith charan naam - to have the name of God in your consciousness is to hold on to the Lotus Feet of Guru in your heart. Meditate upon the name of God then you have the Lotus Feet of Guru within your heart and soul!

Janam janam kaa soeiaa jaag |1|
This mind which has been asleep, which has been unconscious for so many past lives will jaag - will wake up, this mind which has been in the illusion of this world will wake up if you attach yourself to the Guru's shabad, to the Guru's Words.

Har har jaap japalaa |
O mind, O human beings, O people of the world japalaa - meditate upon the Jaap - the meditation of God's name, of Hari.

Gur kirapaa thae hiradhai vaasai bhoujal paar paralaa |1| rehaao |
With Guru's kirapaa - with Guru's grace that name of God will come to vaasai - will come to abide within your hirdhai - within your heart. When that happens you will be bhoujal paar paralaa - you will cross over, you will be liberated from this bhoujal - this ocean of fear, this world. Rehaao - Guru jee says pause and think about this today.

Naam nidhaan dhiaae man attal |
O my man - O my mind meditate upon that nidhaan - that treasure of naam, of God's name which is attal - which is immovable, which is eternal, that treasure which can never be taken away.

Thaa shoottehi maaeiaa kae pattal |
Only if you meditate upon that treasure of God's name will you shoottehi - will you escape, will you be liberated from from the pattal - from the veil of maya - of falsehood. This veil of falsehood that we are going to live forever, that things belong to me, that there is such thing as I, all this ego, all of that will be ripped away if you meditate upon the Naam.

Gur kaa sabadh anmrith ras peeo |
Peeo - drink the ras - immortal essence of Guru's sabadh.

Thaa thaeraa hoe niramal jeeo |2|
Then your jeo - your soul will be purified.

Sodhath sodhath sodh beechaaraa |
I've looked through, I've searched in my mind, body and soul, I've searched all of the scriptures of the world and I've come to this understanding that

Bin har bhagath nehee shuttakaaraa |
- Without bhagath - without worship of Waheguru, without love for God there is no shuttakaaraa - there is no liberation.

So har bhajan saadh kai sang |
Where will you find this meditation for God? Saadh kai sang - in the company of the holy Gursikhs, in the company of those who meditate themselves upon Waheguru Waheguru, when you sit with them you will find this treasure of Waheguru.

Man than raapai har kai rang |3|
If you sit with them then man than - your mind and your body will be raapai - will be colored with the color of the lord.

Shodd siaanap bahu chathuraaee |
Give up your chathuraaee - all of these tricks you have up your sleeve - forget them!

Man bin har naavai jaae n kaaee |
Man - O my mind bin har naavai jaae n kaaee - without har naavai - without the name of God there is no place of rest for your soul.

Dhaeiaa dhaaree govidh guosaaee |
When Waheguru - the Creator of this universe - guosaaee; the One who looks after the whole universe blessed me with dhaeiaa - blessed me with their Grace then,

Har har naanak ttaek ttikaaee |4|16|27|
From that day, Guru Sahibjee says, I've been blessed with the ttaek - ttaek ttikaaee means to be completely steadfast in the support of Hari, the only support I look for now is the support of God. I've put all my hopes into Waheguru.

Dhaeiaa dhaaree govidh guosaaee |
Har har naanak ttaek ttikaaee |4|16|27|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh !


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