English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 860

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is in Gond Raag by Guru Ram Daas Ji on Ang 860 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

gond mehlaa 4.
Satgur Guru Ram Daas Ji is blessing us with guidance today in Gond Raag. Satgur Ji begins the shabad with:

har simrat sadaa ho-ay anand sukh antar saaNt seetal man apnaa.
O my mind you are looking for pleasures. Do you want to find a pleasure which will be forever, which will remain for sadaa, sadaa means forever, eternal. anand broken into two halves; anan meaning without and da meaning duality. That state of oneness with the Lord where there is no sadness or happiness, where it goes beyond all of these things, that is anand, the eternal bliss. Not bliss which will last for an hour or a day or two but something which will last eternally, for eternity. And if you want this Sri Guru Ram Daas Maharaj Ji says har simrat sadaa ho-ay anand by meditating upon Hari, Waheguru, you will find that eternal anand, that eternal bliss. And what else? sukh antar, antar- inside you there will be sukh, peace, happiness, joy. Why? Because your man, what will happen to it? Your mind, your spiritual body Sri Guru Ram Daas Ji says sukh antar saaNt seetal man apnaa. Within you there is sukh peace, happiness because your mind goes saant, saant, meaning completely peaceful. All of the waves of desires and doubts which have been conflicting you in so many lifetimes, all of those are removed and there is complete peace, all of the poise which you have been looking for in this world you can find that through the simran, through the meditation upon God's name. seetal means cooling, this cooling calmness. Your mind man apnaa will become cool and calm, all of these waves of desire will fall away.

jaisay sakat soor baho jaltaa gur sas daykhay leh jaa-ay sabh tapnaa. ||1||
What is your mind like at the moment? sakat means energy. Like the rays, like the energy of the soor - sun, by the rays of the sun beat down; baho jalta; baho means a lot and jalta means burn, they burn down the earth. sakat also means sand. Just like the sand is burning so much, baho jalta in the sunlight the heat of the sunlight is burning it away. gur sas daykhay leh jaa-ay sabh tapnaa And if we take the picture drawn here first, when the sun goes away and the sas, moon comes out leh jaa-ay sabh tapnaa all of the heat, all of the burning is removed. And there is cooling light of the mooon. The sun's light is burning down but the light of the moon cools us. And in the same way Guru Sahib Ji is saying that your mind which is like the sand, has been jalta burned with the rays of desire. What is the sun? Sun is of spiritual ignorance and the spiritual ignorance rains down on us with rays, the sunlight of burning heat of desires, with the burning heat of ego, with the burning heat of attachment and greed. All of these things are burning down on us, burning our mind and giving us pain continually. And our mind is always burning away. But Guru Sahib Ji says if you meditate upon the Guru and upon the Lord God, this sun of spiritual ignorance will be removed and the night of spiritual enlightenment, the Guru is like the moon and He will rise into our minds. leh jaa-ay sabh tapnaa All of our tapnaa burning, all of these desires that have been burning, all of the ego, the hatred that has been burning us up, all of these thoughts of hatred towards others will be removed. And the cooling light of the Guru, the Guru's wisdom, gurmat will shine down upon us. So Guru Ji is saying that your mind which has been burned with all these desires that can only be cooled through the Guru.

mayray man an-din Dhi-aa-ay naam har japnaa.
mayray manandin day and night, Dhi-aa-ay internally meditate upon the name of the Lord har japnaa with your tongue. Meditate with your mind and your tongue the name of the Lord, internally and externally. Repeat with your mind, listen with your ears and take it inside you the name of the Lord. And what will happen if you meditate upon the name of the Lord?

jahaa kahaa tujh raakhai sabh thaa-ee so aisaa parabh sayv sadaa too apnaa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
jahaa In this world, kahaa in the next world, tujh raakhai sabh thaa-ee Waheguru Ji will raakhai protect you in sabh all thaa-ee places. so aisaa parabh sayv sadaa too apnaa Such a Lord, so aisaa Such a parabh Lord God; such a great bountiful Father, sadaa forever, sayv serve that Lord, meditate upon the name of the Lord, serve the Guru, follow the Guru's mat wisdom, implement it within your life and forever implement this in your mind that Waheguru Ji is apnaa, Waheguru Ji is the only one who is with us all the time, have that in your mind whilst you are serving the Guru that the Guru is the one who is with us. Even when our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters cannot help us the remember that the Guru will be standing with us. rahaa-o Satgur Ram Daas Ji says pause and think about this today.

jaa meh sabh niDhaan so har jap man mayray gurmukh khoj lahhu har ratnaa.
jap Meditate upon, chant the name of hari, Waheguru, man mayray o my mind, jaa meh withi whom sabh means all, niDhaan means treasures; All of the treasures, physical, mental, all of the treasures, material and spiritual are found within Waheguru. Guru Gobind Singh Ji says in Akaal Ustat, praan kay bechai-aa You are the one who looks after lives, preserves our life full's, dood poot kay dewai-aa You are the one who gives us children and who gives us milk; roag soag kay metai-aa You are the one who takes away our sadness and our illness; kay tu man he maana maan ho And in the same way Guru Ram Daas Ji here is saying jaa meh sabh niDhaan In Waheguru there are all our treasures, material and spiritual. gurmukh khoj lahhu har ratnaa. In the company of Guru centered beings, those whose lives revolve around Guru's wisdom, khoj search, lahhu and find har ratnaa the diamond of God.

jin har Dhi-aa-i-aa tin har paa-i-aa mayraa su-aamee tin kay charan malahu har dasnaa. ||2||
Sagur Ji says jin har Dhi-aa-i-aa those who meditate upon Hari, Waheguru, tin har paa-i-aa they have found Waheguru. mayraa su-aamee my Lord. tin kay charan malahu har dasnaa Go to those gurmukhs, saints, those blessed beings of the Guru, those who have meditated upon Waheguru, and malahu means to wash and massage the charan their feet and ask har dasnaa to please tell me about Lord. dasnaa also means to be their servants, servant of all those great souls, dasnaa also means with their hands massage their feet, serve them, spend time with them and you will learn the paths of pleasing the Guru.

sabad pachhaan raam ras paavhu oh ootam sant bha-i-o bad badnaa.
sabad pachhaan They have recognized the shabad within them. Meditating upon the shabad, they have become one with the shabad. raam ras paavhu In this way they have found the ras essence of God, the true intoxicant of God's name. And those who have found this, oh ootam sant bha-i-o bad badnaa, oh those people, ootam they are higher than all, sant they are true saints, bad badnaa they are higher than the high, highest of the high.

tis jan kee vadi-aa-ee har aap vaDhaa-ee oh ghatai na kisai kee ghataa-ee ik til til tilnaa. ||3||
tis jan kee vadi-aa-ee The greatness, the glory of that jan humble servant of the Lord, aap vaDhaa-ee Waheguru himself has vaDhaa-ee spread the glory of His servant. oh ghatai na kisai kee ghataa-ee Guru Ram Daas Ji says oh ghatai no one can ghatai lessen or decrease this. They can slander him or her but this cannot decrease his true glory. By slandering someone we cannot bring them down. There is a Sufi story which fits this line of Gurbani very well. The Sufi story is that God laughs on two occasions. This is a part of the story. Let's take the moral of the story. The first occasion is when God gives someone glory, God gives someone greatness and people try to take away from that glory by slandering that person. God laughs then. And the second time God laughs at them is when He takes away the glory, He takes away someone's power and people with their words try to push that person up. So this story teaches us that we cannot take away from their glory. We may be able to convert one or two people in our way of thinking, spread one or two rumors about them, or slander about that person but that person who Waheguru has Himself blessed with the glory, in all past, present and future, oh ghatai na kisai kee ghataa-ee no matter how much anyone has ghataa-ee means to decrease their glory it cannot be taken down. ik til til tilnaa, til means even a tiniest bit, til in the past present or future, til til tilnaa three times til, no one in the past has been able to take away the glory of the servant of Waheguru. No one can presently or no one can in the future.

jis tay sukh paavahi man mayray so sadaa Dhi-aa-ay nit kar jurnaa.
O my mind, jis tay sukh paavahi man mayray that Waheguru from whom you paavahi receive sukh true happiness, so sadaa Dhi-aa-ay nit kar jurnaa, so that Waheguru sadaa forever, Dhi-aa-ay meditate upon Him, nit daily, kar jurnaa, jurnaa means to fold kar your hands together, in surrender to that Lord, in complete humility in front of the God. Look all of the sukh, look all of the happiness God has given you and thank that creator Waheguru.

jan naanak ka-o har daan ik deejai nit baseh ridai haree mohi charnaa. ||4||3||
Satgur Ji says I only ask Hari, Waheguru for daan ik one gift, deejai please bless me with this. nit baseh ridai haree mohi charnaa Guru ji is teaching us what our desire should be, how our Ardaas should be, nit foever and forever baseh reside within Hari O Waheguru, mohi within my mind, within my mind, body and soul, charnaa your lotus feet. And what is Waheguru Ji's lotus feet, we ask Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. And they reply to us in Jaap Sahib, chitt charan naam to have in your consciousness the name of the Lord, that is to keep the feet of God in your mind at all times. So Guru Ram Daas Ji ends with this Ardaas, O Waheguru please bless me so that I may never forget your name.

jis tay sukh paavahi man mayray so sadaa Dhi-aa-ay nit kar jurnaa ||
jan naanak ka-o har daan ik deejai nit baseh ridai haree mohi charnaa ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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