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Bilaaval mehalaa 5 shantha
Sathiguru Arjan Devjee Maharaj is blessing us today in the Bilaaval raag - in the raag of joyful bliss. Sathiguru Maharaj says, bilaaval mehalaa 5 - fifth light of Siri Guru Naanak Devjee - Siri Guru Arjan Devjee, shantha: this is written in the joyful style of singing of shanths. Maharaj Sahib jee uses this joyful style to praise Akaal Purakh. Sathiguru Maharaj jee begins with the mangal,

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
There is One Eternal Creator of this whole universe Who is pervading through all, Who is forever Sath - Eternal and is found through the prasaadh - the Grace of the Guru. Maharaj Sahib jee begins the shabad,

Sakhee aao sakhee vas aao sakhee asee pir kaa mangal gaaveh |
Sakhee - O my friends, O the companions of my soul, O fellow sathsangis, O Sikhs who go into the congregation of the Guru, O people of the world sakhee aao sakhee - come into the protection of, sakhee meaning the One Who is the companion of our soul - Sathiguru, O my friends, O fellow Sikhs, O fellow people of world, O fellow beings come into the protection, aao, come into the sanctuary of the Guru - of the True sakhee - of the true friend of our soul. Vas aao sakhee - vas aao means come and abide here. What does that mean? Does that mean we have to live within the Gurudwara 24/7? No, that means give your mind, give your thoughts, give them to the Guru then, wherever you go the Guru will be with you, Gur maerai sang sadhaa hai naalae - Sathiguru Arjan Devjee tells us in Aasaa Raag, the Guru is always with me. Simar simar this sadhaa samaalae - by meditation upon the Guru that is the way we will abide with the Guru at all times. Vas aao sakhee - to abide with the Guru at all times, to realize Gur maerai sang sadhaa hai naalae - that Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaj, Guru Naanak Devjee, Guru Raamdas jee, Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj - that the ten patshahian; the ten great kings, that they are always with me at all times. That is what Maharaj Sahib jee is saying to us in this shabad today. Asee pir kaa mangal gaaveh - how are you going to have this idea that the Guru is with you at all times? Asee- what we are going to do? We are going to sing the mangal - the praises of our pir - of our husband Lord Waheguru. Guru Maharaj jee is saying come into the sangat, abide in the sangat, sit in the sangat. What are you meant to do in the sangat? Slander people? No! what are you meant to do in the sangat? Look upon others? No! Maharaj Sahib jee says, asee pir kaa mangal gaaveh - when you go into the sangat your mind should be focused completely upon that One Akaal Purakh Waheguru.

Taj maan sakhee thaj maan sakhee math aapanae preetham bhaaveh |
Thaj maan sakhee - O my friend give up your maan - your ego of this material world, of your cars, of your money. Thaj maan sakhee - Maharaj Sahib jee says again give up the ego of your spiritual world, that I do this much paath, I do this much nitnem, that I am better than others - give up both of these egotistical prides: of the material world and of the spiritual world. Math aapanae preetham bhaaveh - if you have this pride within you, whether it's material or spiritual ego, Guru Sahib jee says math - you cannot bhaaveh - please your preetham - your beloved Lord. Maharaj Sahib jee is saying to us, if you interpret this in another way: this is the math - this is the wisdom - give up your ego of this world, of material and spiritual world, this is the math - this is the wisdom you need to bhaaveh - you need to please your beloved Lord Waheguru.

Thaj maan mohu bikaar dhoojaa saev eaek niranjano |
Give up your maan - your ego, mohu - your attachment to this world, bikaar - give up your sins dhoojaa - give up your love of this illusion, of maya, of this material gains around you saev eaek niranjao - serve that eaek - that One niranjano - that Waheguru who is beyond the filth of maya. Niranjan - the One who is beyond the filth of maya.

Lag charan saran dhaeiaal preetham sagal dhurath bikhanddano |
Lag - attach yourself to the charan - to the Lotus Feet and to the saran - to the protection of that dhaeiaal - that merciful preetham - that beloved. Sagal dhurath bikhanddano - Guru Maharaj jee says to us, Guru Gobind Singh jee in Jaap Sahib: chit charan naam - attach your consciousness to the Naam - this is getting hold of the charan - of the Lotus Feet of the Guru, this is entering into the protection of the Guru: to have the Guru's Naam in your mind at all times, then what will happen? Sagal dhurath bikhanddano - that Waheguru will bikhanddano - will cut away, bikhanddano means to cut into bits, He will cut away all of your dhurath - all of your sins and all of your past misdeeds.

Hoe dhaas dhaasee thaj oudhaasee bahurr bidhee n dhaavaa |
Maharaj Sahib jee says why are you oudhaasee? Why are you depressed? Why are you sorrowful? Give up this state of depression, give up this state of negative thinking, instead of thinking O I have this much lust inside me, O I have these many desires, I have this much ego what am I going to do? What am I going to do? Maharaj Sahib jee says do something active! This is the house of Guru Naanak - the house of chardi kalaa - the house of ever rising, chardi kalaa doesn't mean rising spirits it means ever rising, chardi means rising at all times. Guru Sahib jee says give up your sorrowful state hoe dhaas dhsasee - become the servant of those who serve the Guru. Bahurr bidhee n dhaavaa - do not dhaavaa - do not run around in many different methods. Guru Sahib jee says I've told you the method: in your mind keep the Naam and serve the slaves of the Guru - this is the path of God. Many people say Oh how do we do this? How do we do that? Maharaj Sahib jee tells us simply with your tongue meditate upon the Guru, anthar gur aaraadhanaa - with your meditate upon the Guru, jihavaa jap gur naao - with your tongue meditate upon the Guru. Naethree sathigur paekhanaa - with your eyes look at the Guru, sravanee sunanaa gur naao - with your ears listen to the Guru - that is the simple path of Gurmath.

Naanak paeianpai karahu kirapaa thaam mangal gaavaa |1|
Guru Sahib jee says I do this paeianpai - meaning humble benti, humble ardhaas, this humble prayer karahu kirapaa - O Waheguru jee bless me with Your Grace thaam mangal gaavaa - thaam means then I can, mangal gaavaa - sing Your mangal - Your praises. This is the bhaavanaa - this is the prem - the love we should have in our heart. Whenever singing keertan we should all be saying, Maharaj tvaprasaad - Guru Gobind Singhjee says again and again in Dasam Granth: tvaprasaad - this is through Your Grace. Guru Granth Sahib jee talks about Gurprasaad - through the Grace of the Guru. Singing the praises, even that's through the Grace of the Guru. Aap gavaeh ta har gun gaae - only if Waheguru jee Graces then you can sing His praises.

Anmrith pria kaa naam mai andhulae ttohanee |
The name of my beloved Lord, my pria - my beloved Waheguru is anmirth - is the immortal nectar. It brings me back to life. Ma andhulae ttohanee - Guru Sahib jee is giving us a great realization in this line, mai andhulae - to realize that I am blind, to realize that with my own wisdom I cannot get anywhere. Gur kee math thoon laehi eiaanae bhagath binaa bahu ddoobae siaanae - to realize that our wisdom is eiaanae, meri math thori raam - that is the greatest understanding for a Guru ka Sikh to realize that my akal, my cleverness, my tricks, my mind, my wisdom are nothing, to always be willing to take on the Guru's wisdom, to never say Oh no, I believe this, so it must be right. Gurmukh piaareo always take yourself back to the Guru's Wisdom, Guru Sahib jee is telling us. Meri math thori raam - the bhavanaa of Guru's Sikh is that my math - my wisdom is always small. Let us think do we have this idea in our hearts or do we not? Do we always look at what the Guru is saying and at the Guru's math? Do we simply go on about our own understandings? Nahi nahi the path of Gursikhi is to take on the math of the Guru. Mai andhulae ttohanee - I've realized that I am blind, O guru and I've taken on the ttohanee - the cane, the walking stick of your name to guide me through this world. Why have I taken this?

Ouh johai bahu parakaar sundhar mohanee |
Ouh - that maya, this illusion of the world, the material goods and attachment to these material goods johai - meaning to put up obstructions in my path, it obstructs me in bahu parakaar - in many different ways. Sundhar mohanee - I find it beautiful, mohanee - enticing. Maharaj Sahib jee says that when are stuck in this maya we find it so enticing, we find it so sweet, just like that child who gorges himself with sweets then his teeth rot away but it seems so sweet. That child doesn't know that that sugar is rotting away his teeth, in the same way Maharaj Sahib jee says this maya seems so sweet to us but we do not know it's rotting away our soul.

Mohanee mehaa bachithr chanchal anik bhaav dhikhaaveae |
This maya is the mohanee - is the enticer of the world. Mehaa bachithr - bachithr - means beautiful and mehaa means all other, so beautiful, chanchal - so clever, it also means to not let us sit in one place. What is maya doing? Oh I must get this, I must do that, I must go there, I must see her, it never lets us sit in one place and be at peace. Anik bhaav dhikhaaveae - bhaav means seductions, many different paths of seductions dhikhaaveae. Some people are being seduced by fast cars, some people are being seduced by watching the tv day and night, some people are being seduced by playing video games day and night, some people are being seduced by trying to own all of the businesses in the world - all these seductions are adding to the fire inside. Maharaj Sahib jee is not saying that you give up your homes. No! live within your homes but have that peace and contentment of the Naam and then you'll not be burnt by the fire of this maya.

Hoe teeth meethee manehi laagai naam lain n aaveae |
Maharaj Sahib jee says hoe teeth meethee manehi laagai - Maharaj Sahib jee says it's teeth - maya is stubborn but meethee manehi laagai - but seems sweet to my mind. Naam lain n aaveae - it doesn't let me meditate upon the Name of the Lord because at this moment, Guru Amardaas Sahib jee says: eae rasanaa - O my tongue thoo an ras raach rehee - as long as you are attached to these pleasures of the world thaeree piaas n jaae - then you'll not feel the pleasure of God's naam. Endulge yourself in the pleasure of God's name and you'll forget all of these pleasures of the world.

Grih banehi theerai barath poojaa baatt ghaattai johanee |
Grih banehi theerai - in the homes maya comes and pervades and entices us, banehi - even in the jungles; even those people who have gone into the jungles they are still enticed by maya, theerai - even those people who are sitting in the banks of sacred river at the places of pilgrimage, even their people lie, even their people steal, even their people are full of desire. Barath - even those people who externally aren't eating anything and are keeping barath - fasts, even they are thinking of food day and night, poojaa - those people who are externally worshipping, baatt - on the roadsides, ghaattai - in all places, in all crevices johanee - maya pervades through all, this illusion is everywhere. Don't think that by running into the jungle or running to a place of pilgrimage you'll be able to get rid of this. Where is the place you must run to? Sathigur aaeiou saran thuhaaree - take the protection of the Guru.

Naanak paeianpai dhaeiaa dhaarahu mai naam andhulae ttohanee |2|
Sathiguru Arjan Devjee Maharaj says I do this humble benti, this humble prayer dhaeiaa dhaarahu - O my Lord God dhaarahu - please bless me with Your Grace. Main naam andhulae ttohanee - that may I take the name of You, the name of the Lord as my ttohanee - as my walking stick.

Mohi anaath pria naath jio jaanahu thio rakhahu |
Hey Sathigurujee mohi anaath - I am anaath - I have no master, pria naath - You are my only Master O Waheguru jee, jio jaanahu - You know all of my sins thio raakhahu - but please keep me in Your protection. As it pleases You keep me there. Bhai Mani Singhjee is being cut into bits but still saying jio jaanahu thio rakhahu - if this is Your Grace, if this is Your glory please keep me in this.

Chathuraaee mohi naahi reejhaavo kehi mukhahu |
I have no wisdom of the spiritual scriptures reejhaavo kehi mukhahu - with what words that I speak from this mouth - this mukhahu can I please You - reejhaavo?

Neh chathur sughar sujaan baethee mohi niragun gun nehee |
Neh chathur - I have no understanding, sughar - I have no wisdom, sujaan - I am not wise, baethee - I have no understanding, mohi niragun - I have no virtues, gun nehee - I have no virtues Waheguru jee. Dhan ne Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj, Maharaj who is full of so many guns, whose guns cannot be sung with this tongue they are saying I have no gun, why? To show us the path.

Neh roop dhoop n nain bankae jeh bhaavai theh rakh thuhee |
Neh roop - I don't have the roop - the beauty to entice You, the dhoop - I do not have the fragerance to entice you, n nain bankae - I do not have the eyes of love and faith. Jeh bhaavai theh rakh thuhee - Maharaj Sahib jee but please give me the gift jeh bhaavai - where it pleases You rakh thuhee - keep me there - to live in Your hukam - to live in Your command.

Jai jai jaeianpehi sagal jaa ko karunaapath gath kin lakhahu |
In this world and the next world, everybody, all being are praising You O Waheguru. Sagal jaa ko - all of the beings, karunaapath gath kin lakhahu - that karunaapath - that Waheguru Who is the Lord of all mercy, kin lakhahu - how can I come to understand His gath - His extent, His glory. God cannot be understood. The essence of meditation can only be tasted.

Naanak paeianpai saev saevak jio jaanahu thio mohi rakhahu |3|
Naanak Sahib jee does another benti, another prayer saev seavak - give me the saev - give me the service of Your slaves. Jio jaanahu thio mohi raakhahu - as it please You Waheguru keep me in that way.

Mohi mashulee thum neer thujh bin kio sarai |
Mohi mashulee - I am a fish, thum neer - You are the water that sustains me, thujh bin kio sarai - how can I sarai - survive without You?

Mohi chaathrik thuma boondh thripatho mukh parai |
Mohi chaathrik - I am the rainbird, thuma boondh - You are the raindrop thripatho mukh parai - I can only be satisfied when the rain drop falls into my mouth, when the raindrop of Your name is on my tongue.

Mukh parai harai piaas maeree jeea heeaa praanapathae |
When my tongue is blessed with the raindrop of Your name my piaas - the thirst of many past lifetimes - that fire burning within me harai - has been put out. Jeea heeaa praanapathae - Waheguru jee You are the Lord of my breaths, You are my jeea - You are my soul, heeaa - You are my heart. Dhan Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj! What love they are going into today, Sadhsangatjee these love letters to God that Guru Sahib jee has written, read through them again and again! Look how great Guru Arjan Devjee's devotion is! How great their love is that they are sharing with us today!

Laaddilae laadd laddaae sabh mehi mil hamaaree hoe gathae |
Waheguru You are the laaddilae laadd laddaae sabh mehi - You are the One who Graces all, You are the One who plays Your beautiful game; laadd laddauna means to play a beautiful game - full of love. These words are almost beyond translation, they are almost beyond interpretation, this Love that Gurujee is saying is beyond words! What can one person say with one tongue to describe this laadd - this game of love? Waheguru take me into this game of love, please I am begging You. Sabh mehi - within all, mil hamaaree hoe gathae - going into union, uniting with that Waheguru, is the only way we can be liberated.

Cheeth chithavo mitt andhaarae jio aas chakavee dhin charai |
If in Your chithavo - if in Your consciousness, Guru Sahib jee is telling us, you were to remember God then mitt andhaarae - then all of the darkness inside you, the darkness of ignorance will go! Jio aas chakavee dhin charai - have this aas - have this hope in your mind, like the chakavee bird is always waiting, all night for the sun to rise, the sun will also rise within you if you meditate upon the Guru. The sun of God, that shining bright Light of God's name will come within you, Gurujee is saying, simply follow the path of the Guru.

Naanak paeianpai pria sang maelee mashulee neer n veesarai |4|
Guru Sahib jee does this humble prayer, pria sang maelee - please unite me with my beloved Lord. Mashulee neer n veesarai - Guru Sahib jee tells us in Gurbani: meen pakar faakiou ar kaattiou raadh keeou bahu baanee | khandd khandd kar bhojan keeno thoo n bisariou paanee - the fish even when it's cut into bits, it's cooked, it's digested, even then it doesn't give up its love of the water, even then the person who has eaten fish is always feeling thirsty. Even when cut into bits, Bhai Mani Singh is being cut into bits, even then they haven't given up Sukhmani Sahib da paath. Bhai Dyalaa jee, being boiled alive in the obaldi degh - even then they haven't given up the nitnem of Sukhmani Sahib. Bhai Mati Daas is being cut into half, even then Japjee Sahibj da paath! Dhan Dhan the Guru! Dhan Dhan the Sikhs of the Guru! Mashulee neer n veesarai - then that Guru ka Sikh doesn't forget even when he is cut into bits - that water of God.

Dhan dhann hamaarae bhaag ghar aaeiaa pir maeraa |
Great is my bhaag - great is my destiy - this is the pauree of union, the point of union, ghar aaeiaa pir maeraa - in the home of my soul, my pir, my husband Lord has come to abide.

Sohae bank dhuaar sagalaa ban haraa |
Now my dhuaar - the "tenth gate" is open, sohae - with my tongue I am singing beautiful praises of Lord, with my eyes I can see that Lord pervading through all. With my ears all I can hear is that God's name chanting through all, sagalaa ban haraa - all of this forest of the world in now haraa - it looks beautiful and alive to me.

Har haraa suaamee sukheh gaamee anadh mangal ras ghanaa |
That suaamee - that Lord Waheguru is the One is har haraa - meaning to nourish, to bring life, to bring life to all. Just like Guru Naanak Devjee Maharaj when they went and sat in the garden of raja Shivnaav, in Sri Lanka, which had been dried out for many years, that garden flourished! Sukheh gaamee - my Lord master is the giver of all sukh, of Eternal Happiness. Anadh mangal ras ghanaa - this ras, this ras of God's Name, this pleasure of God's Name is anadh - is the Eternal Bliss, mangal - singing the praises of God's Name, ras ghanaa -ghanaa means the greatest.

Naval navathan naahu baalaa kavan rasanaa gun bhanaa |
My Waheguru jee is naval - never tricks anyone, is navathan - will never die or fade away. Naahu baalaa - my husband Lord is always with me, He will never depart. Kavan rasanaa gun bhanaa - how can I sing the gun - all of these virtues with one tongue?

Maeree saej sohee dhaekh mohee sagal sehasaa dhukh haraa |
The saej - the bed of my consciousness has been sohee - has been beautified dhaek mohee - seeing Waheguru pervading through all I've been mohee - I've being enticed by Him. I've given up my attachment to maya and now I am enticed by Siri Guru Naanak Devjee. Sagal sehasaa dhukh haraa - all of the sehasaa - all of my doubts, all of my pain has been taken away.

Naanak paeianpai maeree aas pooree milae suaamee aparanparaa |5|1|3|
Gurujee does this humble prayer maeree aas pooree - my hopes have been fulfilled. Milae suaamee aparanparaa - that suaamee who is beyond all limits; I've been united with Him.

O Gurmukh piareo! this shabad today colored in so much love, ah ha! It's beyond words! Beyond words! Dhan Guru Arjan Devjee! Dhan Guru Arjan Devjee! Dhan their prem - their Love that they are sharing with us today!

Maeree saej sohee dhaekh mohee sagal sehasaa dhukh haraa |
Naanak paeianpai maeree aas pooree milae suaamee aparanparaa |5|1|3|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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